Mon 26th July: A saucepan has many uses

We’ve moved onto the next stage of the dog house story, with a sample due very soon from a factory in China.  If all looks good we can go ahead with a full order and provide all dogs with their own cosy shelter during bad weather.  It will be a huge relief to finally have this issue sorted, as I think many volunteers have spent rainy nights fretting about the dogs and wondering if they’re OK.  The truth is that I doubt rain ever killed a healthy dog, especially our hardy Hong Kong mongrels, but I know my dogs on Lamma won’t venture out into the rain unless they absolutely have to.

Saucepans have many uses

Another issue that finally seems to have been resolved is the internet connection, but it’s not PCCW that we have to thank.  One of our regular volunteers and IT handyman, Maxwell, set up this hi-tech equipment over the weekend, and the result is pretty good.  I think I’ll try this one at home.

Back to my regular Monday visit to AFCD, and I left with a gorgeous boxer (now Trump) who had presumably been surrendered because of his bad skin, another case of demodex.  All dogs have these mites under the skin but they don’t usually cause any problems.  It’s only during stressful times, whether physical, emotional or hormonal (such as puberty), that the mites get to work and cause the bald patches and distinctive smell of full-blown demodex.  Adults who have this usually have an underlying problem which is affecting their overall health, so Trump will need to have a full check to see what’s going on.

Hercules has been losing weight and we're worried

Currently the German shepherd, Hercules, is undergoing a barrage of tests for the same reason.  We just don’t know what is wrong with him and so far nor do the vets.  He’s been losing weight and his white blood cell count is high, meaning he’s fighting some sort of health issue, and not just his skin.  Unfortunately for German shepherds, the breed has so many common genetic health issues it’s a wonder any survive.  Bulldogs are probably the worst of all for inbred problems, but every single “pedigree” comes with a list of common defects specific to that breed.  Give me a lovely mix any day.

There is a mother dog at AFCD whose pups were born on 5th July, the day after she arrived.  The smallest of the litter died, but she has seven remaining puppies and they’re three weeks old now.  I’ll have to move them out sometime soon, although space at Tai Po is as always at a premium.  Maria’s pups are ready to leave now, so I think they’ll have to come to Lamma while the new mother and her babies take over the maternity wing.

Our 2011 Page-a-Day calendar is filling up, but there are still some days available if you haven’t already sent in a photo of your HKDR-adopted dog.  As a reminder, if you didn’t adopt your dog from HKDR you can still sponsor one of our many Tai Po dogs to be in the calendar, and we have a lot of great photos taken by volunteers that can be used.  Just let us know which dog you would like to sponsor by emailing and we’ll reply with details.  I’m really excited about this project now that the design is being finalised, and I’ve always liked the block calendars that you can use as scribble pads as well knowing which day it is (I always have to ask).  The calendar, diary and Tribute Book 3 will all be available in October, and will be launched at a very special event.  I can’t wait to spill the beans but it’s all top secret at the moment.  Keep reading to find out what it is ……


5 Responses to “Mon 26th July: A saucepan has many uses”

  1. Steve C Says:

    Sally, I was just reading Facebook and saw the comments about Wolfie, and thought of a suggestion.

    It would be very useful if there was a kind of follow-up orientation after new volunteers have been walking dogs for two months or so. Personally after two months I feel very comfortable walking green dogs from the main area, however don’t walk the likes of Wolfie because worry about getting him past the main area dogs and through the gate (and I can’t remember what colour he is anyway – I know huskies are strong!). For this reason I also tend not to walk the green dogs from the timid dog area. The follow up training could cover a) handling dogs that don’t like being touched or growl at other dogs b) getting past dogs that are possessive of the gate c) a couple of case studies like Otis or Samba & Burma. Such a follow up orientation would help volunteers progress beyond main area green dogs and see more of the dogs walked regularly.

    Maybe this is already done and I just don’t know about it yet, or maybe people’s time is an issue (I know everyone is busy and this kind of thing is difficult to organise), would just like to put this out there as a suggestion.

    • Sally Says:

      We still need to make full use of the two new enclosures which are now under-utilised. The arrival of the bulldogs threw us out a bit but hopefully we’ll soon be able to some more sorting out. Maybe having all the huskies together isn’t the best idea, and thanks for the feedback. We always like to hear from volunteers as we can’t know everything and it helps a lot to get this type of comment.

  2. Helen Y Says:

    Maria’s pups are all ultra sweet, especially the light brown one, those witty and gentle eyes are real melty.

  3. Dee Says:

    Poor Hercules, I hope the vet can find out what is wrong with him and help him to get better. He looks so thin and sad.

  4. Yolanda Says:

    Hope Hercules is doing okay. High white blood cell counts could be quite scary….All the best, Hercules good boy.

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