Sat 24th July: A big relief

I finally couldn’t take it any more.  The puppies on the top floor of my house were taking over and it was time to do something drastic.  I’d brought one of the gazebos back from Tai Po with this thought in mind, and today was the day for action.  The tent was set up on the wooden deck in the garden, wire fencing wrapped around it, and hey presto, a new puppy pen was ready for its inmates.  Oh joy (for me) as the puppies were carried downstairs and placed in the pen, and I think they like it too.  They have crates for shelter and sleeping, of course, and now they can watch all of the big dogs as well as catching the sea breeze.  And the clever little critters are very careful about using only the newspaper patch in one side of the area for their toilet needs. Next step, a home.

I didn’t get a full day at home, something that I really enjoy, as I had to go to Whiskers’n’Paws on Ap Lei Chau to meet Danny, a large-sized shih tzu that was coming back from his foster.  I had known that it was only going to be a two-month arrangement from the start, but I’d wanted to get an idea of his true character away from the rest of the small-dog pack.  Some dogs love to get stuck in with all the playing and social life, but others find it too intimidating and are canine wallflowers.  Anyway, I arrived at the agreed time and hung around for a bit, waiting for Danny to arrive.  Which he didn’t.  So I sent a text to Maria, our foster co-ordinator, confirming that today was the day.  Which it wasn’t, it’s next Saturday.  Bummer, so that’s two Saturdays in a row that are blown.

Things are getting back to normal at Tai Po and a new “garden shed” arrived(shelter for at least a few dogs), as well as a reporter from the Sunday Post who was doing a story on the bulldogs (we made front page!)  I hope this means we’ll get some more enquiries, as we seem to have ground to a halt on adoptions for these dogs.  Quite a few people have turned up but found the bullies too big, which they are, but they’re not exactly active.  Big Mama Melon, the obese one who’s on Lamma, sits like a giant Buddha for most of the day, and only occasionally gets up for a stroll round the garden.  Dog care doesn’t get easier than that, though hopefully she’ll speed up a bit once she’s lost a good few kilos.

Adorable Digby will be at Kila on Sunday afternoon

Apart from Whiskers’n’Paws on Sunday (and I have really gorgeous puppies needing homes), it’s also the first mini adoption event at Kila, a bar on the corner of Pottinger and Wyndham Street in Central.  We’ll have several small dogs there between 2pm and 5pm, either coming in from their foster homes or being sent over from Tai Po.  If you’re thinking of adopting a little friend, do drop by.  Kila will be a regular venue from now on, and it’s a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon even if you don’t leave with a dog tucked under your arm.


5 Responses to “Sat 24th July: A big relief”

  1. Anna Says:

    Hi Sally, it’s Anna. I live in Pokfulam (near Cyberport) so if you ever need a hand around the Pokfulam/Aberdeen area, I’d love to help out regularly, as I’m free for a month this summer break. Let me know if I can 🙂

  2. Steve C Says:

    The Garden shed looks very good.

  3. T Says:

    I couldn’t find you at Kila. I went to the corner of Pottinger and Wyndham but didn’t see any dogs.

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