Fri 23rd August: After the storm

We have a swimming pool!

It was quite something at Tai Po by all accounts.  The (black) rain came down at such a rate that it swept down the terraces and through the forecourt area, filled the swimming pool (the real one, not the paddling pools) and totally flooded the enclosures under the carport. The steel front gates had to be opened just to let the water gush out and down the hill. Surveying the damage in the morning, there were two areas where the concrete had come away from the wall of a lower bank, and when I arrived later in the afternoon the dogs were busy digging away at the hole, making it bigger and deeper.  I made a makeshift cover and stacked some crates in front of it, but I doubt that will work for long.  The contractor will be out on Saturday to see what can be done.

What a great place to dig ......

One thing’s for sure, we need to get more shelters for the dogs.  Two of the big plastic garden sheds will be arriving tomorrow, a day too late to have been of use during this torrential rain, but at least it’s something for next time – and I’m sure we won’t have to wait too long.

I went to the Kowloon AFCD in the afternoon to pick up a puppy that had been the subject of an Apple Daily story some time ago.  It had been rescued from a drain by SPCA, and ended up at AFCD where it was kept while its case was debated.  The issue was whether its temperament made it suitable for rehoming or not, and while the discussions dragged on the puppy was kept waiting.  Finally, after all sorts of provisos were agreed, we were allowed to take the puppy out.

Arriving at the Animal Management Centre, we were asked to sit and wait while the puppy was brought out.  So we sat and waited, and waited, and waited.  What was the problem?  We were told they were trying to get the puppy out of the kennel without stressing it, but it was too scared to come out.  Well nice, but I was was itching to just go and get it myself.  There are ways of handling puppies like this, and expecting them to just oblige by walking out of their kennels isn’t one of them, especially when they have lived there for weeks.  Finally a crate appeared with the puppy inside, inevitably sitting in a pile of pee and poo.  The staff (and I have to give them credit for this) were still trying to lure the puppy out with treats, as I was standing by trying to explain that terrified dogs aren’t interested in food.  Finally when they left to fetch the mcirochip and rabies vaccine I took the opportunity to act, and looping a leash round the puppy’s neck I simply pulled him out and picked him up (have first wrapped a towel around him to avoid being covered in his mess).  It doesn’t have to be complicated, you just have to understand how a dog’s mind works.


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