Weds 21st July: Some bad news for me

I spent the morning looking at the weather forecast as well as the sea, watching and wondering if I could get over to Hong Kong and, more importantly, back again.  I had several things I needed to do but in the end decided it wasn’t worth the risk.  Instead I had no excuse to put off catching up on paperwork and clearing my desk.

I wasn’t the only one kicking around inside, as the dogs and puppies were also prisoners of the rain.  And what better form of entertainment is there for bored puppies than to gnaw on wooden furniture?  I seriously think it’s time to ditch any hope of restoring my living area to its former “glory”, get rid of the wood and find some stainless steel.

Just because I couldn’t get to Tai Po it didn’t mean that others were so (un)lucky. Wednesdays are SPCA mobile clinic days, and it’s always busy.  Dogs have to be found for a start, then taken out and down the hill to the waiting clinic van.  The seven remaining bulldogs had to see the vet for their healthchecks and vaccinations, but how do you get an overweight and unfit bulldog down a steep hill and then back up again?  In the Markmobile, obviously! Click here to see the video on Facebook.

Where will I go, and what will I do, without having this for the dogs?

I got some very bad news today.  In fact, so bad that I’m really at a loss to know what to do.  The old quarry where I walk my dogs, and have done so for years, is being taken over by the YMCA for whatever it is they plan to do there.  This place has been a sanctuary for me, a place where I can walk without worry, where the dogs can run free, swim and play.  What will I do without it?  Where can I go?  The site is also a sanctuary for birds, both local and migratory, and a place of natural beauty.

One of the things that I had time for while being at home today was to write a general newsletter which goes out to our entire database.  I’m so used to putting everything into this blog that I forget that not everyone reads it, and there are news items that need to be publicised, like the submissions for the 2011 calendar for example.  In my enthusiasm to get the newsletter out, I completely missed mentioning that even if you don’t have a dog adopted from HKDR, you can sponsor one of the many dogs at Tai Po (or Lamma or in foster) instead.  The spaces are filling up quickly, but there are 365 slots available and still room for your favourite HKDR dog to feature. Go on, it’s only $295.  Click here for more details, or email


6 Responses to “Weds 21st July: Some bad news for me”

  1. ivy Says:

    Can every reader send email to to protect the quarry!! We need your help!

    I have sent mine this morning.

  2. Manuela Says:

    Hi Sally, I am sorry for you for loosing your scenic paradise. Is really so peaceful. On a bright note in this whole bulldogs drama, yesterday I had a good laugh seeing the video of Mark struggling up hill with one of the ladies, lol, lol.

  3. Philip CHOI Says:

    I made the donation for the 2011 Calendar. I do not have any dogs adopted from HKDR. I will to sponsor the dog instead.

    I suggest that the HKDR can let the donor know which dog sponsored by him/her . I think that this will be more attractive and getting involvement by the donors.

    • Sally Says:

      Thanks for sponsoring one of the HKDR dogs. Most sponsors are choosing the dogs themselves, although of course if there is more than one sponsor for a dog we will ask that they choose another. Do you have a particular favourite?

  4. Philip CHOI Says:

    Oh! The sponsor can choose the dog by himself/herself. That is fine. This is what I think about. I do not want to choose by myself, please arrange the one that was not chosen by others. Thank you!

    I do really want to complete the orientation session and join you all in this critical period of time. I also want to be the “TAXI” driver.

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