Tues 20th July: Another non-typhoon?

The past couple of days have been dominated by the bulldogs and trying to get them into homes and fosters, as well as today’s additional challenge of finding shelter for those still at Tai Po with the threat of the number three signal being raised.  All of the gazebos (tent covers) had to be taken down, so the play area was left exposed to the sun and the elements.  Not a good spot for overweight bulldogs.

With all the drama and excitement on Monday I had completely forgotten that I was supposed to be meeting someone at AFCD in Pokfulam to help with a dog that had been brought in by the dog catchers.   I was reminded when I got a call while at SPCA asking “Where are you?”.  So another meeting for today was arranged and I made sure that I was there on time.  This is a very lucky dog as she has a nice home to go to if I can manage to get her out of the kennel and microchipped, a job for tomorrow if weather permits.

You can see Bindi's bendy leg here

Picking up a seven month puppy before leaving AFCD, next stop was SPCA again to have Bindi’s leg checked  (Kathy had brought her down from Tai Po in the van).  Bindi had the same sort of problem as Gypsy, when one of the lower leg bones grows longer than the other, causing the leg to bend and the foot to twist out.  In Bindi’s case the leg was too deformed to perform the usual surgery, and instead she had a section of bone removed and a metal plate inserted to fuse the wrist joint and keep it straight.  It was very painful for poor Bindi having the leg pushed and pulled to see how it was moving, but at least it seems that everything went well.  She has to go back on Saturday for another check, but it’s thanks to Dr Tony Matthews again for doing a great job.

Little pug Reno was there at the same time having a post-surgery check, and it was lovely seeing her able to walk almost normally.  What a difference in such a short time, from being totally paralysed in the back legs to scuttling around like any young dog should.

Beautiful pups, with splodges, dots and patches

My “splodgy” pups went for their first vaccination today, and I was faced with the usual challenge of having to think up eight names on the spot.  It’s amazing how your mind can go completely blank at times like these.  With thousands of dogs and puppies having passed through our doors, there’s a limit to how original the names can be.  I used to say that we never used the same name twice, but that was years ago and it would be impossible to do that now. Anyway, the pups are fine and now all I have to do is find them homes.

Lucky Parker

Leaving Tai Po we were joined in the van by Parker, a lucky boy who was going for a “Typhoon Foster” but who will stay if all goes well.  We are always in need of emergency fosters for bad weather situations, usually just one or two nights, and if the weather turns bad on Wednesday we may have to call for help.


One Response to “Tues 20th July: Another non-typhoon?”

  1. Philip CHOI Says:

    Dear Sally,

    Thank you for your sharing!

    Your Blog let me know much about HKDR and the situation of the lovely dogs.


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