Sat 17th July: French v English


After having spent the day trying to find homes for the expected twenty bulldogs that a breeder was throwing out, I discovered that they were French bulldogs, not English.  Ah. There’s quite a difference between the two breeds, and it’s got nothing to do with the language.  One confirmed adopter


cancelled her “order”, saying it was really only English bulldogs that she was interested in, while another was happy as he actually preferred the Frenchies.  From our point of view the French variety are slightly easier to take care of and re-home, so I suppose it was good news in a way.  So, does anyone want a French bulldog?

Bluebell finds a home

There was at least some movement of small dogs at Tai Po, with Lotus, Lily and Bluebell all leaving for their new homes.  On the other hand, I got another puppy back from foster, too big for the small puppy group and too small for the older ones.  I tried, but she got beaten up and needed to be rescued.  Like all of the returned-from-foster puppies, she’s a wonderful puppy, ultra friendly and very well socialised.  She’s a definite for Whiskers’n’Paws tomorrow.

Puppy Sophie when she first arrived (funny, she looks like Rocco!)

Rocco waited a long time

The biggest news of the day had to be Rocco’s adoption.  He was taken from AFCD as a puppy in 2005, and was adopted for a very short time.  I can’t even remember why he was returned, but whatever the reason he stayed and grew into a lovely dog.  Many visiting volunteers wondered why he wasn’t in a home, as he was such a sweet, easy and handsome boy. In fact he did meet a few potential adopters over the years, but he was always too big, too old, too this or that, but today, finally, it was a deal.  So here’s to you, Rocco, you waited a long time but now you have a sweet home of your own.


2 Responses to “Sat 17th July: French v English”

  1. vivian Says:

    Congrats, Rocco! Enjoy your new home! Good luck at WnP, Rocco look alike puppy, Sophie!!

  2. Steve C Says:

    It’s very encouraging that such a long timer can also be adopted.

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