Fri 16th July: Overflow

You know the saying “It never rains but it pours”, and I’m not talking about the weather.  Just a few weeks ago I had no baby pups and a lot of adopters wanting them, and now I have so many and the adoptions have slowed right down because of the summer expat exodus, or general vacation plans.  “When we get back from holiday” is something that I hear too often at this time of year, while it’s high season for puppies being born.  My puppies are (of course) beautiful, sweet, friendly, healthy and even toilet trained (well here at least).  They also grow very quickly.  I can’t wait for the end of the summer break.

Another panic situation:  a volunteer told me that a breeder is getting rid of twenty French bulldogs, seventeen adults up to five year of age plus three puppies. He/she is probably going on holiday too, and it’s far easier to dump the dogs than to pay someone to take care of them.  So now we face having to find homes or fosters for them all,  as well as making sure they are all desexed so they can’t be used for further breeding.  The puppies won’t be a problem but adults are, of course, always more difficult to place.

Chico loves people and other dogs but not young children

Foster homes are really important to us at HKDR because not only do they relieve us of the need to find space for the dogs, but we can also get behaviour assessments.  Every foster is asked to complete a questionnaire about the dog’s habits and behaviour, and that helps enormously with finding permanent homes.   Some of you may know the story of Nina and Big Ears as there were some recent Facebook postings about them.  Without going back to the ins-and-outs of the case, both dogs recently came back to HKDR and Big Ears, being a small dog, went straight to a foster home.  He’s extremely happy there, especially as he has a new best friend who likes

Nina's not at all happy being back at kennels

to play just as much as Big Ears (now re-named Chico) does.  In fact Chico would be happy anywhere as long as he had a non-stop playmate (and human company too).  The one thing that we do know about him though, is that he really doesn’t like young children, in fact he hates them.  The first home that Chico went to (when he was new at HKDR) reported this back to us, and now his current foster has confirmed that Chico really can’t be in a home with young kids.

Today two dogs went to foster homes; Brillo, the poodle with the wardrobe of dresses, and Rowan, a sweet and beautiful young golden retriever.  Ironically Brillo has gone back to exactly the same building that was his original home, and it was very sad to see how he suddenly started paying attention to his surroundings when the van got close to the familiar smell of the Pokfulam air.


4 Responses to “Fri 16th July: Overflow”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    I hope if the foster of Brillo does run into his ex-owner by any chance, that the ex-owner be given shxx right in their face for disposing their dog to AFCD, Brillo could had been “destroyed”.

  2. Gloria Says:

    That bulldog bxxxxxx should go to hell or sent to Kenya national park and eaten by lions as dim sum.

  3. nick bryan Says:

    I heard you may have a beagle puppy called Molly?
    Please let me know.


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