Thurs 15th July: A second chance

(There seems to have been a problem with people viewing this post….)

I have to admit that I could be jumping the gun a bit here, the same as I did yesterday when mentioning a possible adoption on Saturday (and yes, you were all right, it’s Rocco), but Frisbee went off to Lantau today.  He’s gone to the same person and home that had to reject him at Whiskers’n’Paws because of his thuggish “greetings”, but following my story about him and that afternoon he was given a second chance.   First reports didn’t sound too good, with Frisbee repeating his Sunday performance, but I hope he’ll settle.

Derek loves swimming

Things are also looking a bit up in the air for cocker Derek, who for the past few months has been living with my landlord and his wife is their newly-restored and renovated house just next door.  While Derek is very happy with the new living arrangements and has taken to treating his ex-housemates as lowly good-for-nothings, his new mother isn’t impressed with having to fight Derek for her shoes every time she goes out.  Derek is a guarder, and believes everything he can see belongs to him, and while the husband thinks this is a good thing (nobody will ever be able to steal anything from their house, that’s for sure), wife would prefer a dog that allows her to claim what’s hers without being threatened.  Now she’s asking about puppies (in exchange for Derek), and I’m in a panic.  I really hope the husband wins this particular battle.

There’s always so much to do.  Every day is filled with new emergencies, vet visits, adoption enquiries, dogs coming in and  going out, trying to sort out spaces and places, shelters, upcoming events (and there are a few big ones in the pipeline), new products and projects (and again there will be a big announcement very soon),  and so on.  We have a brilliant group of volunteers – thank goodness – helping with the various tasks, but we always need more heads and hands.  Right now we especially need more on-site adoption support, volunteers who know HKDR and the dogs and who can help our over-stretched team with trying to match the right dog with the right home.  We are particularly short on Sundays, which is our busiest day for potential adopters, so if any of you can spare the time please do let me know.

Out of all of the many things that we do, getting dogs into homes is the most important.  After all, it’s the reason for HKDR even existing, and being able to understand what an adopter is looking for, and then suggesting the most suitable dogs, isn’t easy.  First of all you have to know the dogs, or at least enough of them to be able to have a good choice to work with, and you also have to be able to make a quick judgement about whether or not a dog will work in a particular environment.  How much exercise will the dog get, and how much does it need?  Are there children in the home and will the dog be tolerant enough?  There are all sorts of things to consider, and not every home is suitable to adopt at all.


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