Weds 14th July: A long journey

I finally did it.  I made the full journey from Lamma to Tai Po by sampan, bus, train and taxi, and I think that will be the last time – using that route anyway.  By the time I arrived at Tai Po it was already around 4.30pm, almost a whole afternoon wasted.  Still, I was there in time to see the last thirty minutes of vet checks and vaccinations at the SPCA mobile clinic

Suki is almost totally blind, even though you can't tell by looking at her

which comes every Wednesday (and is an enormous help).  We discovered that poor little Suki is almost totally blind, while the schnauzer, Guy, that was surrendered to AFCD along with his little friend has heartworm.  Both have horrible yeasty skin too, but at least that’s realtively easy to deal with.

Guy was surrendered to AFCD with Suki

Before embarking on my long journey to Tai Po, I dropped by the AFCD kennels in Pokfulam to take out the litter of puppies that I had seen there the day before, The Stunners as I call them.  There are eight of them, four of each sex, and they are really beautiful (yes, I need photos, but first I have to find the lead that I can charge the camera with, long lost amongst all the other leads and cables that snake from my computer). I thought the older dog with the puppies was the mother, and she certainly looked very like them, but as I was moving the pups out I noticed that she had a totally flat belly, not something you would expect from a mother who had been suckling eight pups for the past six weeks.  So I’m guessing she is the auntie or cousin, and the mother must still be on Lamma somewhere.  Anyway, I left the adult at AFCD for another day and sent the puppies back home on a sampan so I could go on up to Tai Po.

I shaved the little poodle that was surrendered to AFCD with a full wardrobe.  I had expected him to be a girl because of the dresses that were included in his bag of supplies, but no, he’s definitely a boy and now looking a million times better without his excess hair.  He was very happy after his haircut, and rather than hiding behind a chair as he had  previously been doing, he started to run around and investigate.  Like most poodles, what he loves most of all is to be carried and cuddled, and being such a sweet little thing I think he’ll get his wish of a new home very soon.

It’s still unclear at this point how the first typhoon of the year is going to affect Hong Kong and, more importantly, our Tai Po set-up.  At least it looks as though we won’t be too badly affected this time round, but even the wind and rain that comes from a passing typhoon might bring our tents down.  We’ll just have to keep an eye out and see how things progress.  What we really need is a list of emergency fosters that we can call on if things get really bad at any time in the coming few months so at least we know that any dogs who can’t be moved into the main house, or the two proper outdoor houses, will have somewhere to go.  Maria, our foster coordinator, is the person to contact if you can take in a four-legged guest for a day or so, and her email is

Do you know who this is?

I don’t want to jump the gun but I’m very happy about a potential adoption due to take place on Saturday.  This is a dog that has been living on Lamma for many years, and now he has the chance of a real home.  Read my blog on Sunday to see who it is and whether or not he passes his interview.


6 Responses to “Weds 14th July: A long journey”

  1. Man Says:

    That’s Rocco, right?

  2. Angela Tang Says:

    Rocco has a potential home? Great Great!

  3. ivy Says:

    that’s Rocco, a sweet and handsome boy.
    Good luck, Rocco!!

  4. DL Says:

    I know! I know who he is!! I haven’t ever met him before, and I have forgotten his name, but I have eyed this dog (through the HKDR website) with my beady eyes because he looks so handsome and sweet and healthy – looks like a perfect jogging partner. Alas I don’t live in HK, but if I ever move there, I’d love to meet him and if I can, adopt him.. so this is great news! I hope he finds a wonderful home 🙂

  5. DL Says:

    that’s right, his name is Rocco 🙂 he looks like a red Dobermann (somewhat).

  6. Yanki Says:

    yeah!!!!!!!ROCCO!!!! All the best wishes!!!!>3<

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