Tues 13th July: Poodle, pug and more puppies

Once again my plans for the day went up in smoke.  I hadn’t had any intentions of going to Pokfulam AFCD but I was asked to help sign a couple of puppies out that had been picked up by the dog catchers.  Arriving at the kennels I was told that a poodle had been surrendered, along with a bag of the most ridiculous outfits including dresses with frills and bows, and even socks.  The now ex-owners lived across the road in Bel Air, and I would have loved to have given them a piece of my mind.  What on earth did they thing AFCD was?  A holiday camp?  Free boarding?  The outfits went straight into the rubbish bin, which is where I would have liked to have dumped the ex-owners too.

There was also a delightful pug, another surrender because of bad skin.  Treatment?  No, just dump at AFCD, much less bother.

I was just leaving when I glanced inside one of the kennels and saw something that stopped me in my tracks.  A mother dog with a big litter of the most beautiful puppies, really quite stunning.  Although the mother is a mix, her puppies look just like pointers, with the loveliest markings and patterns.  They were picked up at Pak Kok on Lamma Island, a small village not far from Yung Shue Wan, the main “town”, so someone must know about them.  The pups are about five weeks old, and very special.  I wanted to take them immediately but knew that was impossible, so I said I would be back tomorrow although I still have no idea where to put the mother or her pups.  I only know I can’t leave them there.  Can anyone help?

We had arranged to go to Shatin AFCD to take out the remaining reserved dogs, and then I had an important meeting in Central at 5pm to get to.   With the unexpected Pokfulam visit, the timing was thrown out and we were much later than planned, leaving me no time to get to Shatin, Tai Po and then back to Central.  So it was left to volunteer Catherine to get the dogs to Tai Po on her own, while I made my way back to Central from Shatin by MTR.

Lovely Bindi came from AFCD with her sister, Mindy

Earlier in the day one of our dogs, Bindi, had gone to SPCA in Wanchai to have her leg X-rayed.  She’d always had a “bendy” leg which was why she was called Bindi (better than Bendy), but while previously it hadn’t been causing her any pain or problems, recently we’d noticed that she wasn’t keen to put any weight on the leg and was holding up her (outwardly twisted) foot.  Dr Tony Matthews called me after the X-ray to say that the deformity was too close to the joint to be able to operate, but he could fuse the bones to strengthen the wrist and that would at least help Bindi to walk relatively normally.  Surgery could be done in the afternoon, so now I’m waiting to hear how it went.

Reno's happy face says it all

Meanwhile pug Reno was back in her foster home, a changed dog.  Instead of the permanently sad expression, she was ‘smiling’, and things are looking positive for a very good result.  Reno can already put weight on her previously-paralysed back legs, so we’re hoping she’ll be able to walk again very soon.  I’m so happy that I made the decision to take her out of AFCD and give her a chance.


7 Responses to “Tues 13th July: Poodle, pug and more puppies”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    There are so many people out there who don’t know what AFCD’s role is, just wish I could post a full page ad on newspaper to tell them AFCD is not an adoption agency, it is not SPCA, AFCD = Killing. How could they dispose of their “once” loved pets like that, to be killed by strangers in a horrific environment. No killing is “humane”.

    • Sally Says:

      The owners of a dog that was surrendered to AFCD recently want to take her back. They are extremely lucky that this dog is alive as she’s not an easy or happy dog, and I won’t be giving her back to the family. I wonder what they thought would happen to their dog when they handed her over to the government?

  2. Iris Says:

    So glad that Reno smiles again, and is sweet!

  3. Helen Y Says:

    Wonder what is in the surrender document? Bilingual? Any verbal explanation on how the surrenders would be handled, explicitely or suggestive or just “at AFCD’s discretion”?

    • Sally Says:

      The form is an agreement that AFCD can “dispose” of the dog. There is no mention of re-homing or anything else, it’s just a formal acknowledgement of handing over all rights of ownership.

  4. Bat Says:

    You are the “Angel” of all the unfortunated dogs…

    • Sally Says:

      Thanks, Bat, but there are many people also helping dogs, cats and other animals. We are all trying to do the same thing but working within a system that doesn’t really support rescue and re-homing, refuses to deal with the over-supply of puppies and kittens, and still sees killing as the best way of dealing with a serious over-population problem.

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