Mon 12th July: Typhoon coming

Like Paul the octopus, I think I must be psychic.  Yesterday I posted something on Facebook about us needing typhoon fosters without any inkling that there was indeed a typhoon on its way.  It’s due to hit Hong Kong this weekend, and now we really do need to work out how we can keep all of the dogs safe and dry.  First thing to do is to take down all of the tent shelters that we’ve been busy putting up all over the site, including only yesterday when I had the idea of covering the metal shelter with one of the tents.  The shade from the tent will keep the shelter cool, and also dry in normal rainy conditions, but typhoons are something else.  So please, if you can take in a dog for the duration of the bad weather please let Maria know at   We really need help, or rather the dogs do.  If we have a list we can call everyone when the time comes to take the dogs away, or we can organise the van to bring groups over to Hong Kong.

This will be the first real test at Tai Po, and I have to admit I’m a bit nervous about how we’ll cope.  If any volunteers want to stay in the “Human Room” over the weekend, please feel free.  Having volunteers on site will be a great help.

Suki, a sweetheart

Luckily there’s already a lot of interest in the new batch of small dogs that arrived last week so with a bit of luck we’ll be down to a reasonable number once the rain and wind come.    Now that they’re starting to feel settled, the individual personalities are starting to show.  Little Lotus is as sweet as ever, as is the other small shih tzu girl, Suki, and both already have potential homes.  Joop

Joop wants all the attention

the poodle wants all the attention and doesn’t like it when others come round, while Bobby the peke rules everyone.  We have a gate that separates the office from the front of the ground floor, but now many of the small dogs know how it works and let themselves in and out as they wish. Bobby started it, I’m sure, and although he can be a little devil he makes me laugh with this funny face and determination. 

Peke Bobby, King of the Small Dogs

The combination of the hot weather and the intermittent rain has turned my Lamma garden into a lush, green paradise (grass aside, which never stands a chance), all of which will disappaer once the typhoons arrive and strip the leaves off everything.   Puppy Cara also seems to be growing like a weed, and every time I look at her she’s double the size.  She’s a gorgeous and sweet girl, brought to Whiskers’n’Paws one Sunday by someone who had found here and her littermates, and she’s always popular on Sundays because of the way she crawls over to people and then rolls on her back to have her tummy tickled.  Still, if she keeps growing the way she is now she’ll soon have to be moved out of the bedroom group and either to Tai Po or the garden.  Does anyone want a beautiful, big, black fluffy puppy?


2 Responses to “Mon 12th July: Typhoon coming”

  1. Silvena Says:

    The tents must be stored away. I had a big one installed on my rooftop and it didn’t last a signal 3.
    Sorry, if I am only reiterating what you already know.

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