Sun 11th July: An amazing coincidence

Sausage and his new family

It seemed like a lost weekend as far as adoptions were concerned, but it wasn’t bad at all taking into account dogs going to new homes from their temporary fosters, or fosters deciding to adopt permanently.  All in all, there was pug Buckle, his schnauzer friend Dexter and dachshund (almost) Sausage going from Tai Po, as well as pug Queenie from foster and foster-now-adopted Dandy, another almost-dachshund.  A boxer came and went within a few hours, and it’s easy to miss those in-and-out dogs in the adoption tally.

Dexter and Buckle leaving Tai Po

Still, the summer is always a hard time and it’s when we start eating into the financial stockpile that’s built up over the winter months.  I know it’s not just HKDR, and it’s not just this year or the fact that we’ve moved to Tai Po, as it’s the same every year when holidays interfere with adoption plans and boarding kennels are full of dogs left behind when their families disappear.

Puppy in foster (it's hard to see the brown on her legs)

Whiskers’n’Paws was very quiet again, but there was one very happy and unexpected reunion.  Two cute-as-can-be puppies went to a foster home a month or so ago and they came to us in a roundabout way, but I was told they started life in the New Territories somewhere and their parents were a mongrel, medium sized, and a Westie (I don’t know which was father or mother).  Today I took my newly

Brother Basil

acquired puppy (from AFCD in Sheung Shui) for the first time, and when the foster arrived with one of her puppies we both remarked on how similar they looked.  In fact the more we compared them in age, colouring and type of coat, we both agreed that there was absolutely no doubt that they were siblings.  They aren’t the usual run-of-the-mill mongrel puppies who often look alike, and the chances of two litters like this being born at the same time is so remote that I would say it’s just about impossible.   We were impressed, but the two pups, now having been apart for so long, had no inkling that they were brother and sister and completely ignored each other.

I took Lamma-based French bulldog, Frisbee, over to Whiskers’n’Paws to meet a potential adopter and her Yorkie, but Frisbee’s method of greeting new friends really needs refining.  It’s a sort of pounce, which can be very intimidating when you’re a tiny dog, and although Frisbee lives quite happily with many other small dogs and doesn’t bother them at all, it’s hard to get past that first impression which seems to be aggressive.  In fact Frisbee is a very affectionate boy, but he is just a typical clumsy Frenchie.

Gypsy without bandages

Gypsy without bandages

Just to update on some of the dogs that I’ve mentioned previously: Gypsy continues to do well and isn’t wearing her wrist splints any more.  We’ll have to decide about the next lot of surgery when metal plates will permanently fuse the wrist joints.  A fund to help cover Gypsy’s costs is up and running (on our HKDR Facebook page).

Pug Reno, who had the slipped disc and paralysed back legs, should be out of hospital tomorrow.  The surgery went very well and now it’s just a matter of time before we see how successful it was in restoring her mobility.

German shepherd, Hercules, is being treated for his skin problem but is still undergoing further tests to try and find out what is causing it.  He’s generally a much happier dog than when he first arrived.

How cute is Lily, one of our new small dogsLotus is only 8 months old and very very sweet


2 Responses to “Sun 11th July: An amazing coincidence”

  1. Marie Says:

    Hercules seems to have more energy than just 2 weeks ago, and his eyes just make your heart melt. Wolfie.. never a dull moment, esp with his playful nature, zest for life.. esp when there is water about! 🙂

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