Sat 10th July: Doing some sorting

With so many new dogs arriving at Tai Po we needed to do some sorting and decide who was going to go where.  At least one of the new enclosures is ready for occupation so the bigger dogs have lots of space to run around.  It’s shade that’s critical now, and although there are plenty of trees they have all been strangled by years of weed covering, and there’s barely a leaf to be seen.  Hopefully the trees will recover but in the meantime the gazebos (open tents) work very well.

We have all of this lovely space for the dogs

The small dogs have the main house, of course, and the volunteers were kept busy washing the newcomers.  Lily is one of them, an adorable young terrier/shih tzu type, sweet as pie and oh-so-cute.

Lily gets a bath

I’m still trying to get some dog houses built, and at least I’ve got a design in place and a manufacturer.  Now it’s just a question of getting a sample made and delivered, and then getting the rest of them in time for the really bad weather (assuming the sample passes the test).  It’s coming up for typhoon season and that will be a real challenge without proper shelter for all of the dogs.

My new tiny puppy, Tina,  had a close escape yesterday.  I brought back a giant-sized Kuranda bed from Tai Po on Friday.  It was ordered by mistake some time ago and is really too big to be of much use at kennels, so I thought my top floor puppies would enjoy it.  Puppies like to sleep in a pile, and the trampoline-style beds are much more comfortable than a tiled floor.  Sure enough, as soon as the bed was put inside the enclosure, the puppies leapt on it with squeals of delight, and continued to play, jumping off and on, hiding underneath and generally having a great time. It was pure luck that I was there watching the games when Tina, who had been underneath, decided to come out just at the moment when one of the legs broke and the whole thing – plus the weight of all the puppies on top of it – collapsed.  Tina was half in and half out and trapped by the bed, and had I not been able to immediately lift the corner so she could escape I don’t think she would have survived.  She’s fine, and so is the bed as I replaced the corner joint with a spare.  I’m not sure the whole thing was such a good idea though, as the games continued during the night and I was woken several times by happy yapping.

Puppy Raphael needs a foster home while his skin heals


2 Responses to “Sat 10th July: Doing some sorting”

  1. Iris Says:

    May consider removing all 4 legs of the Kuranda bed…there will still be short “legs” and the doggies will still crawl onto it. The 4 legs of our Kuranda bed have been lost some time ago, and still our doggie will sleep on the bed.

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