Fri 9th July: A new collection

I knew I was going to be going to AFCD in Shatin to collect some small dogs that I’d reserved some time ago, but swung by the Pokfulam Animal Management Centre on the way, hoping and praying that they wouldn’t have a huge new intake.  There was the usual collection of surrenders and strays, and one tiny lone puppy hiding, as they usually do, under the up-ended sleeping platform.  So there was one that I knew I would be taking away with me.

Then there was a shih tzu and schnauzer together in another kennel, surrendered because the shih tzu “was old”, and the schnauzer had “bad skin”. The shih tzu is, in fact, only nine years old, younger than my still very active Inky (ten years) and Sandy (not sure, but over ten for sure).  The schnauzer’s skin looked fine to me, but then I know that people make up stories about reasons for abandoning their dogs so that they don’t look like the ********* they really are.

So we left Pokfulam with one crate already occupied, and the tiny pup in a cardboard box.  I still can’t work out what she is, I mean in terms of type, as she’s so small but looks like a typical black mongrel.

Next stop, Shatin, where the dogs were already waiting (we got stuck in a traffic jam due to an accident).  Another two shih tzus were added to the list, both young girls and both adorable, then a pug and a poodle.  The poodle insisted on sitting on my lap for the drive to Tai Po, and from then on claimed me as his.  These little dogs are so desperate to be someone’s, and poodles are especially needy when it comes to attention.

In the meantime,  the new member of our adoptions team, Quene, had gone to Kowloon AFCD to take out four more dogs, another very young golden retriever and husky (these two breeds seem to be coming in from all directions), a fox terrier girl, and my new favourite sweetie, a shih tzu/Japanese spitz (my guess) cross with a bad skin problem.  He’s still a puppy and so sweet.  I just wanted to cuddle him, but suspected his skin problem might be scabies so not such a good idea.  If it is, then at least it’s very easy to fix.

So there we have it, either chaos and madness, or a bunch of very happy dogs.  It all depends on how you look at things.  I see dogs saved, lovely, sweet, and free from the threat of impending death.  

The first thing I just had to do was to shave one of the shih tzus, as her hair was thick, matted and very dirty.  It’s so satisfying getting the clippers to work and shearing the whole lot off.  It wasn’t a salon job, that’s for sure, but at least all the clumps and lumps were off and she (Lily or Lotus) must have been very relieved.

Bao, left, Reno, right

The pug with the paralysed back legs had her operation in the morning and Dr Tony Matthews, the surgeon, reported that all had gone very well.  Now we just have to wait and see what the result will be and whether Reno will be able to walk again.  Her foster, Clio, sent me a photo of her own pug and Reno side by side (taken on Thursday evening) asking if we could tell which was which.  I guessed correctly, but only because Clio’s pug is much older and has greying ear tips.


4 Responses to “Fri 9th July: A new collection”

  1. Gloria Says:

    The two pugs almost look the same and they are so cute.

  2. Francine Says:

    Look at this poor rotty =(

  3. YC Says:

    Hi Sally, met with the new Husky boy?girl? (Assume is a girl) @ tai po and she is totally adorable and with such as sweet personality. Can’t believe why people could abandon such a lovely creature. While she must have been part of someone’s family and I can’t believe people can abandon their family? Anyways I also come with some questions as in actually I am thinking of adoption and would be grateful if you could provide some suggestions for a potential home for maybe a Husky? I am worrying of the hot summer in HK. Thanks a lot.

    • Sally Says:

      We have both male and female huskies needing homes. You’re right that the hot weather isn’t good for this breed, and they also very active dogs that need lots of exercise and grooming. I wish people wouldn’t buy them just because they are so cute as baby pups. In fact I don’t think they should even be in Hong Kong.

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