Thurs 8th July: Dogs on the move

Where to begin today’s updates?  There was so much happening, with so many dogs coming and going, that it was hard to keep track.

Smartie leaves for her new home

I went to the AFCD kennels in Sheung Shui to pick up the latest batch of lucky dogs making it through the system and gaining their release.  There was a lovely, dopey golden retriever with his equally soppy Sheltie friend (they have been together a long time), a younger Sheltie, another husky girl to replace Smartie who has just been adopted, two ultra-sweet black mongrel girls (Enya and Asha), and the cutest wiry, scruffy, whiskery puppy.  I’ll eat my hat if he’s with us for long.

Rudolf was the only was from his litter not adopted while still on Lamma. His brothers and sisters have proved to be great family dogs, and so will Rudolf if given the chance

Otter and Rudolf, two ex-Lamma doglets, went for desexing, while German Shepherd Hercules, and sweet Callie were sent to Wanchai to have their skin issues investigated.  They both have demodex caused by mites under the skin, and while Callie is young and the problem can quite easily be resolved, Hercules’ condition is chronic meaning it’s been there for a long time.  In adult dogs, demodex also usually indicates that there’s some underlying reason for the immune system not to be functioning well, so Hercules will need other tests to see if there’s something else going on.

At the same time,  four very sick puppies also went to be assessed, the prognosis on three of them so dire that I agreed that they should be euthanised.   Only Sebastian, a lovely black fluffy boy, was spared and was admitted to the isolation ward in the hospital.  All of them had distemper, and while some puppies do recover, the virus can lie dormant and recur, or the puppy suffer permanent neurological damage.  The most important issue, however, is that the virus can so easily spread and having distemper-positive puppies in close proximity to other dogs and puppies at Tai Po is too much of a risk. 

Reno urgently needs a foster

Meanwhile, the pug girl (Reno) with the paralysed back legs was sent to Peace Avenue vet clinic in Mongkok for an MRI scan to see what was causing the problem.  The result was as expected, a slipped disc which was putting pressure on the spinal column, and Reno will have surgery on Friday.  Fingers crossed that it’s successful, but the outcome depends on how old the injury is and whether the damage is already permanent.  At times like this I wish we could have access to the ex-owner so we could ask questions.

There was big news in the press about the outcome, finally, of the study on animal welfare in Hong Kong.  I don’t know if this will provide the much-needed wake-up call to the government, but at least it’s made front page news and can no longer be ignores.  The City section of SCMP used two of our HKDR dogs as models for their coverage of the story:scmp 72010 jamie tinker


7 Responses to “Thurs 8th July: Dogs on the move”

  1. Dee Says:

    Yup, read that yesterday. Hope the gov’t is taking this seriously. It’s really a joke that the laws is so outdated.

    Reading your blogs sometimes makes me angry, not at you, but at the poor dogs ex-owners. The dogs on your blog clearly were suffering and they don’t even care to take them to the vet. I mean, when their children got ill, they rush them to the doctors, but allow their pets to suffer? Come on! Yes, the vet fees may be expensive, but when you decided to take in a pet, have you not considered that they may get sick too that you have to be sure you can afford and will take them to the vet? These people should be fined or jailed.

    • Manuela Ribeiro Says:

      I totally agree with Dee, when we get a dog we have to consider the expenses that may come with their care. Sometimes I joke that taking my dogs to the vet to clean their teeth is more expensive than going to my dentist to clean mine, but it comes with the joy of having such loving friends to cheer us up with their company and dedication.

  2. Helen Y Says:

    SPCA provides less expensive vet care, if they can extend their hours it would be better, it is sometimes difficult for working owners having to take at least half a day off from work to bring their pets there, and sometimes causing delay to prompt treatment resulting in long term chronic illness.

    • Kathy Says:

      Non-Profit making Veterinary is also a good option Although it still doesn’t come in cheap, but the fee is reasonable. Hope this will encourage more owners to take their sick pets for treatment in the early stage.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    i thought i recognized those dogs!!!! Glad I kept the page with the large picture!

  4. Silvena Says:

    Hi Sally,
    How’s Washington – the SKW pup?
    Will he be at WnP this Sunday?

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Silvena, I call him Sylvester but yes, he’ll be at Whiskers’n’Paws. He’s doing very well and is King of his group!

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