Weds 7th July: Calendar calling

There’s already been a big response to the 2011 Day-to-Day Calendar announcement,  and all the details about submissions and payment are now up on the website (click here for details)  The idea for this calendar came about as we were all in the HKDR van driving up to Tai Po and we were trying to think about what sort of calendar is really useful.  Many homes simply don’t have the space for wall calendars (mine doesn’t), and stand up calendars fall over and aren’t really that useful for anything other than checking the date.  I’m not sure how the cube, or block, idea came about, but I remembered selling them at my shop and how popular they were.  They fit anywhere, and are handy for scribbling notes as well as marking the date.   We all agreed it was a great idea, and even better, we could offer photo space on every page giving the opportunity for 365 dogs to be Dog of the Day (and for only $295!)

We will also be publishing a diary as usual, and again this year it will be something different from previous years.

The samples for our new T-shirt range finally arrived and I can’t wait to have the T-shirts themselves.  Our online store is going to be bulging with goodies soon!

Things at Tai Po are finally starting to settle (and I forgot to mention that we do have a phone and internet connection now), but I’m still working on trying to get houses/kennels/shelters made or bought before the typhoons start.  I’ve been hearing that this year is going to be a bad one for typhoons, and whether or not that’s true we know we can expect at least a few number 8 signals before the season’s out.  Both of the prototypes we had made have their good and bad points, so now we’ll go to a second design trying to learn from the first mistakes.  I’m also getting quotations from China, but all of this takes time.

Another thing that takes time is giving Heartgard (heartworm prevention) to all of the Lamma dogs, something that I did today.   Damn those moquitoes and their diseases.  It still amazes me that such a small and fragile insect can cause so many problems, including heartworm, dengue fever and malaria. The summer brings more than just typhoons and mosquitoes, it’s also a time for tick fever and heat stroke.  My dogs are lucky because our daily walk takes us past several lakes as well as the sea, and in this heat they swim as much as they run, but it’s very easy to forget that the small dogs especially really suffer in the heat.  They’re only inches from the hot ground, so it’s not just the sun beating down on them that makes them overheat.  Please take care.

I was reminded today on the fragility of life, and the speed at which puppies can go down.  The babies that I got on Saturday have been doing splendidly up until now, eating, playing and without any tummy problems, but suddenly one is sick.  She’s very quiet, not wanting to eat or play, while her sister is still jumping around.  It can happen in a matter of a few hours, and there’s just no way of knowing in advance.

Several puppies at Tai Po are sick too, and this is always a very stressful and difficult time for all of us.   Who will also come down with something, and of those who fall ill, which of them will succumb?  The puppies come from all sorts of backgrounds, and without the strong immune system that comes from having mother’s milk they are susceptible to disease.  Infections seem to come in waves, with multiple cases all at once and then long periods with nothing.  It’s easy to become complacent and to forget how very fragile the balance between life and death is.

Ending on a happier note, beautiful husky girl Smartie left Tai Po for her new home today.  Yay!

Our beautiful Smartie


5 Responses to “Weds 7th July: Calendar calling”

  1. Silvena Says:

    HKDR 2011 Calendar

    Places are going fast, please act now.

  2. Deb Debes Says:

    It’s hard when then puppies are sick but then we get the great survivors like Tommy and Tucker and Angel, and the ones we have lost we can take comfort from the thought that they were loved and cuddled and knew some happiness before succombing. The latest group at HKDR are all beautiful and sweet puppies so I’m sending prayers up.

    • Sally Says:

      The killer viruses seem to come in waves, and when they do the results are devastating. Sadly only one of the four infected puppies was thought to have a chance of survival and the other three were euthanised. It’s a very hard choice to make, but the danger of continuing the infection is something that always has to be taken into consideration too.

  3. Christine Says:

    How is the poor girl with spinal injury?

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