Tues 6th July: Good day for GRs

The people who bought Butter from the breeder thought that she would stay small

I knew it wouldn’t take long for the eight week-old golden retriever puppy that I took in on Sunday, and sure enough she went to her new home today. It was all very quick, and after receiving the questionnaire and approving it, it was just a matter of arranging to meet at Aberdeen.  Butter’s papers show that she was bought from a schnauzer breeder, who obviously has a sideline in other breeds.  I’d like to post the email address for everyone who feels strongly about selling puppies to complete idiots, but I don’t want to give the breeder free publicity.

Amber, still very much a playful puppy

I have no idea why Amber waited so long for a home, as she too is still very much a puppy and a beautiful, sweet girl.  Anyway it was finally her time, and again it was a very quick process because her adopters had taken a young male golden retriever from us last year.  It’s nice to know that Amber will have a friend because she really knows how to play!

A group of Lamma puppies joined Butter on the sampan, but their destination was the SPCA clinic rather than a new home.  The two babies that I got on Saturday, plus the poodle-y puppy, all needed their first vaccinations, and I had others that had to have their blood re-tested for tick fever.  Tick fever and kennel cough are  two things that I have no control over,  and they can ruin a puppy’s chance of finding a home in those critical few weeks of cuteness.   The reason I still have Minky and Sparkle is because they had long-term kennel cough as pups and I had to isolate them upstairs.  If only I’d known then what I know now.

Almond, one of the Nutcase Pups who was adopted early on

As I’ve mentioned several times before dogs, like humans, go through the difficult “teenage” time, though luckily in dogs it only last a few months.  I have a group of “teenagers” who started off as very shy and nervous puppies, the Nutcase Pups as they were called.  I took them from AFCD because they were stunningly beautiful, and I just couldn’t resist.  A few of them quickly came round and were adopted, while some remained too timid for homing and moved to Lamma.  Now they are still extremely handsome, and are losing their fear and shyness to the extent that one of them especially is what I would call very cheeky.

Cooking isn’t something I enjoy but I do try to eat healthily and make myself a proper meal in the evening. Every time I’m in the kitchen Mac, the most beautiful of all, jumps up and puts his paws on the oven top hoping for a morsel or even to be able to steal some food.  It really doesn’t matter what it is, and even cabbage leaves are a real treat for my dogs.

Whatever I’m making, hot or cold, I have to ensure that everything is out of reach at all times, or as soon as I turn my back it will be gone.  Knives, scissors, can opener –  you name it.  I didn’t even hear the crash after I went upstairs to eat my evening meal, having left a saucepan with a heavy glass lid to keep the excess food safe.  It was only when I went downstairs to get the dogs in for the night that I discovered the shattered glass and the saucepan in the middle of the floor, licked as clean as it could possibly be.  I knew it was Mac and I should have known better than to leave anything within reach but I thought the heavy lid would deter eager noses.  Now Minky and Sparkle have competition, and I think I’ll have to hang a hammock from the ceiling as the only way to stop everything from disappearing.

I’ve just received the first photos of Gazza, now Aza, at his new home in Spain.  From AFCD to “A Class” living – I just love it!

By the way, details of the 2011 HKDR One-a-Day cube calendar are now up on the Homepage of the website.  If you have an HKDR-adopted dog and would like to have him/her included (for only $295), please check out the information.  There are only 365 places available, so don’t leave it too late.


6 Responses to “Tues 6th July: Good day for GRs”

  1. Nina & Adam Says:

    Dearest HKDR,
    Thank you so very much for all your help yesterday! Kathy- thank you so much for waiting, to Alice for taking my call on your day off and of course to Sally and the rest of the team for all your fabulous efforts and hard work.
    Amber is a beautiful dog – so playful, kind and loving. She is our little lady (a princess!) living with us and our first dog Aslan, the ‘King of Shek O’. We are truly grateful for these fabulous animals; both of whom have won immediate places in our hearts and in the hearts of our friends. Many of whom have rescue dogs as well.
    I believe that it was Aslan (previously Gideon) arriving at the HKDR gates ‘glint in eye / rope in mouth’ that first sold us on him… and then seeing the pretty Amber flying through the air, playing with her new friends – we knew she would be the greatest addition to our family. We are now Aslan, Amber, Adam and Nina xxx
    Two of the world’s greatest dogs neglected, mistreated and abandoned.. we are the lucky ones! The question we always get asked ‘how could anyone ever leave such a gorgeous dog’ – unanswerable!~ There are so many of these fabulous dogs waiting for the chance of a good home.. We simply cannot endorse them enough! X

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Are the diary dog pix only open to HKDR (adopted) dogs?

    • Sally Says:

      Yes, the HKDR publications give our adopters an opportunity to show off their lovely HKDR dogs. If you don’t have an HKDR dog you can sponsor one of the kennel dogs to be feature instead.

  3. Helen Y Says:

    There are a lot of beautiful and wonderful dogs at Tai Po, who may not have the opportunities of being featured. They are all lovely and waiting for their loving family to show up. Please come and visit them, adopt and save a life.

  4. Alex Says:

    Do we need to provide the photos of the dog if we sponsor a kennel dog for the calendar?

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Alex, we have a lot of great photos taken by our Photography Club so you can choose any one of them. They are on Facebook, or just let us know the dog you would like to sponsor and we’ll choose a photo.

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