Sun 4th July: Dogs to Europe

In complete contrast to last Sunday when it was pouring with rain so we couldn’t use the terrace at Whiskers’n’Paws, today was so hot that the puppies just hid themselves under the tables and chairs to keep out of the sun.  It was a waste of time as far as escaping the heat was concerned, and

Trying to keep cool in the water bowl

there was very little of the usual play and also hardly a puppy hugger in sight.  Instead of that there were little panting bodies lying prostrate on the ground, or hanging over the water bowl trying to keep at least their toes cool.

So instead of puppies being adopted I actually gained one, an eight week-old golden retriever girl who had already been in two previous homes.  The first one had quickly got rid of the puppy when they discovered – to their horror – that she would actually grow.  They assumed she would stay the same size as when they had bought her and they only wanted a small dog. The family that took her on seemed to have been keen judging by the vast box of equipment that came with the puppy, but the wife turned out be be highly allergic.  So it was over to HKDR, and normally a golden retriever puppy would have been adopted in minutes so I knew things were pretty bad when I left at the end of the day with Butter (new name) in my arms.

The view from Shady and Prancer's window

Three  of our dogs have safely arrived in their new Eurpoean homes.  Shady and Prancer are enjoying having endless countryside and even a stream right outside their house, while Gazza is now in Spain.  It’s taken a long time for Gazza, but he ended up where we had hoped he would from the very start.  He was a favourite of ex-volunteer Victoria (now living in America), and it’s Victoria’s mother who has finally adopted him.  I’m so happy for Gazza, and look forward to getting photos of him and his new life.

Gazza, a typical sharpei cross, common in Hong Kong but not in Spain

We’re finally ready to announce details of our 2011 calendar, which this year will be very different from previous editions.  It’s a Day-to-Day calendar meaning there is a new page for every day, and we are offering space for HKDR dogs on every page (that’s 365 of them) for only $295.  All you need to do is to email us high resolution, good quality photos of your dog, and we’ll do the rest.  If you’re a volunteer with a favourite kennel dog, then you can sponsor that dog to be included, and either choose one of the many great photos already in our photo library (check out the wonderful photos of Facebook) or send us your own.  To maintain the quality of the calendar we will have to insist on clear and not-too-cluttered photos, landscape preferred, and no red eye or out-of-focus please!  Submission details to follow very shortly ……..


4 Responses to “Sun 4th July: Dogs to Europe”

  1. kc Says:

    could you please tell us where pablo got poisoned, so other dog’s owner can beware.

  2. Ella Says:

    Dear Sally,

    We would both like to thank you so much for taking in the little one “Butter”. After such a series of ordeal, we do hope that she will be able to find the loving home she deserves. We would very much like to know her happy ending, so if it’s not too much trouble, could you please let us know if she does get homed.

    By the way, our adopted Golden Retriever is also named “Butter”. We’ll bring her to meet you one Sunday!

    Hope little Butter’s leg is getting better and she’s getting chubby…
    See you soon!

    Ella and Leslie

  3. Ellen Says:

    I’ve decided which photo I will send in already!

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