Sat 3rd July: Six puppies, two hands

Every morning I check Facebook to have a look at the photos taken by the various volunteers that were up at Tai Po the previous day.  It looks like a great place for the dogs, which of course it is, and all of them seem to be grinning for the camera.  I don’t really get a chance to thank all of the volunteers persoanlly, especially as I’m not at Tai Po as often as I would like, but I’m immensely grateful to everyone for their dedication and commitment.

The splash pools have been a great success, and I was happy to see that one of them has been moved up to what is now the husky enclosure as boy, do those dogs need and love to cool off in the hot sun.

Wolfie loves the water!

We had a new arrival in the shape of Tiffany, a lovely young rottweiler girl (I’m amused by the choice of name as in my mind a Tiffany is more a poodle than a rottie).  She seems to have been an instant hit with the volunteers.

Tiffany, a very sweet 1-year old Rottie girl

Another new arrival

And while Tiffany and the boxer were coming in, young master Impi was leaving for his new home. 

Bye bye Impi, and be a good boy

I was once again unable to make it up to Tai Po, not just because I don’t as a rule go on Saturdays, but also because I was waiting to meet up with a foster who was returning some puppies.  They were part of a litter of nine very young babies who were all lucky enough to go straight into foster homes rather than having to stay at Tai Po.  My Lamma puppy enclosures are full, and I couldn’t in any case mix real babies with older pups.

While waiting to go over to Aberdeen I got a call from someone who in the past had rescued the German Shepherd Ah Bo (a sad story which had a happy ending as Ah Bi prepares to fly to California soon).  She had found two baby pups on the Peak, and asked if I could help.  As I was already bringing back the other puppies I agreed, and asked that we meet at Aberdeen at the same time. 

3 of the litter of 9 babies that were in foster

What I hadn’t taken into consideration was that there were four foster pups being returned, not two as I had thought, and the new foundlings were really very young.  They were brought to Aberdeen in the open plastic containers that it seems they were carried to the Peak in, while the older four came back with a crate that was now far too small for them all to fit into.  So I had six puppies, one small (broken) crate and only one pair of hands to hold them all.  Thankfully the girl who found the puppies offered to come over on the sampan with me, or I would have really been in trouble.

Not that the sampan trip was the end of the problem.  I still had to put the puppies somewhere, and there really wasn’t any space.  By now I’m pretty good at improvisation, so I put the puppies in a proper travel crate while I set about enlarging both the inside and outside areas of the top floor puppy enclosure.  The larger pups in that group were then moved to the bedroom group, and the four returned fosters took their place upstairs.

The babies were harder, but I cleared and cleaned a large and long stainless cage which was being used as a bedroom by some of the doglets.  Finally it was ready for the babies, but withing seconds of having put them inside I heard a scream and rushed to the cage to see blood coming from one of the pups’ ears.  Dammit, the bars of the cage were too wide apart and the puppy’s ear must have stuck out, tempting one of the doglets to bite it.  By this time it was already 8.30pm and I hadn’t had a chance to eat or do anything, so the poor babies had to make do with a normal travel crate for the night while the doglets got their bedroom back.


4 Responses to “Sat 3rd July: Six puppies, two hands”

  1. Patsy Says:

    The picture of the 3 pups are still in my care! Growing big real fast and trying to chew up everything in sight… wall paint, bbq cover, patio furniture etc.etc.

  2. Manuela Says:

    I read your blog everyday and I am curious about the updating of Pablo situation. I was very sad about the passing of Boggle and hope that Pablo recovers fast and well.

    • Sally Says:

      Sadly Pablo had to be euthanised on Saturday whe it was clear his condition was deteriorating and he was suffering. I didn’t post the news by request from Pablo’s foster parent as the family were out of Hong Kong and he wanted the chance to let them know persoanlly before reading about it on my blog or Facebook. Obviously it was very hard for everyone, but there was really no choice.

  3. Manuela Ribeiro Says:

    Sorry to hear about Pablo, I did face that option myself a couple of years ago, and is really selfish from our side to keep them when they dont have quality of life no more, but is always a heartbreaking decision. Now he will be in a safer place with Bobble and so many other darlings.

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