Fri 2nd July: Bobble and Pablo

I didn’t get the call about Bobble until later in the day and it was bad news.  Bobble wasn’t doing well, and although he could pee thanks to the catheter, there was a lot of blood in it.  He was also struggling to breathe and I had to make the decision to let him go.  It’s incredibly hard being on the end of a phone having to make the choice to end a dog’s life, and while there are cases where there’s really no option there are also many times when I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing.  In Bobble’s case I knew his condition was chronic, both his bladder stones and his skin, and even if he recovered enough to undergo surgery to remove the stones, his skin would take a very long time to heal, if ever. 

Having told the vet to go ahead with euthanising Bobble, I asked about Pablo.  He was in hospital with suspected poisoning, and he also wasn’t doing well.  He’d had a seizure that morning, and also very bloody diarrhoea.  Paraquat poisoning, if that’s what it is, is a terrible thing, and I told the vet that he mustn’t be allowed to suffer.  She said she would call me in the afternoon with an update, and then I would have to see if it was fair to let him continue in that condition.

I was feeling very low after that conversation but needed to get out to Tai Po, not having been there since Tuesday and also needing to stock up on puppy food.  I decided that I’d try the bus for a change, knowing there was one that went to Mong Kok from very close to my sampan drop-off point.  From there I could get the MTR direct to Tai Po. 

This lovely photo of Ellis was taken just before he was whisked off to go and visit his friend Pablo

It started off well enough when the bus came along without too much of a wait, and we got through the Western Harbour tunnel amazingly quickly, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Pablo and his life.  He had been with us since he was a young puppy, and he’d spent the five years of his life with Ellis who, along with Lena and Lila (since adopted), had been in the same group at AFCD.   Pablo recently went to a foster/trail adoption home but was taking time to really settle, and I thought he must be missing Ellis a lot.  I’d got off the bus too early, and was walking towards the MTR when I suddenly had the idea that a visit from Ellis might help Pablo.  I called Kathy to see if anyone was available to bring Ellis over to Wanchai, and yes, Quene was there and could drive him over.

So instead of carrying on to Tai Po I did a quick turnaround and headed back to the Star Ferry and then on to the SPCA, arriving at precisely the same time as Ellis.  I guessed that Ellis might not be as keen on the idea of making a hospital visit as I was, and sure enough he absolutely hated it.  The room was full of dogs, many of them barking, and while Ellis had a good sniff at Pablo his only thought was to get out as quickly as he could.  Pablo himself could barely acknlowledge anything, and his breathing was fast and shallow.  My idea was a failure.

Quene drove me back to the sampan (having brought the dog food along from Tai Po), and told me that a terrier/schnauzer of sorts had been left outside the gates at Tai Po.  I didn’t get the whole story, but saw the photos of the dog on Facebook this morning.  What a cutie! 

New terrier/schnauzer


3 Responses to “Fri 2nd July: Bobble and Pablo”

  1. Gloria Says:

    So sorry for Pablo. I remember Lena, Lila, Pablo and Ellis shared B1 and B2 together when they were at Pokfulam kennels. They were the first 4 dogs I walked with. May Pablo rest in peace.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    It’s good to know that more and more ppl know where Tai Po HKDR is located, but sadly, seems like some ppl now think Tai Po HKDR is a convenient place to just “drop off” their pets!!!!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    poor pablo…and bobble….RIP….
    such a heartbreaking update

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