Thurs 1st July: Hello sunshine

On a glorious day like today I should have been out on the beach or in the garden instead of sitting at the computer as I was, but even the dogs weren’t keen to leave the relative cool of the house.  At least I got a lot of things done that were outstanding, and was on hand to speak to the vet about the two medical emergencies that arose.

Bobble's skin is terrible but right now that's the least of his problems

Firstly poor Bobble, a pekingese that was surrendered to AFCD while I was actually there to take him straight away.  His skin was in a terrible condition, and the owner told me she fed him human food and snacks (oh how I hate those sweet and colourful bits of junk food that are sold as treats), so no wonder he was in that state.  Most human food is way too salty for dogs, and although they love it the result is inevitable, and now apart from the skin Bobble has a bladder full of stones.  It wasn’t evident at first, but when Bobble started straining to pee and clearly wasn’t well he was taken to see the vet.  It turned out his bladder exit was totally blocked and full to bursting.  A catheter (tube) was inserted to allow the bladder to empty, but Bobble subsequently developed respiratory problems, and when the vet called me in the morning it was with “that” question.  Should we keep trying, or let Bobble go.  I asked a few questions, the main one being whether Bobble was in pain or not, and as a result asked that he be kept at least until the afternoon and we could see if there was any improvement by then.

Pablo at Halloween

The next call was about Pablo, one of our very long term dogs who is currently in a foster home.  He had gone for his morning walk and shortly after returning had started vomiting.  I got a text from Maria, our foster coordinator, asking if Pablo should go to the vet as an emergency (SPCA isn’t open on public holidays), and I said yes, of course.  The call from the duty vet wasn’t good news.  She suspected poisoning  (deliberate or accidental), but it was impossible to know what kind.  I had a dog a few years ago that was poisoned with Paraquat, a weedkiller that is commonly used in Hong Kong although it’s banned in just about every other country in the world, and the effects are devastating.  I had wanted to give my dog a chance but she ended up dying in agony, and I swore I would never let that happen to any other dog.  So I told the vet that if Pablo started to go downhill then he would have to be put to sleep. 

Since it was the same vet dealing with both Bobble and Pablo, she told me that Bobble was doing slightly better although his breathing still wasn’t good and he wasn’t eating.  I said let’s keep going, and at this point on Friday morning I’m waiting for updates on both dogs.

I just love this photo of Oscar. I remember him as a tiny pup and have always loved him

The dogs at Tai Po seem to be loving the splash pools and the big play area in front of the house (while my dogs continue to ignore their own pool and still see it as a giant water bowl).  There are some great video clips on our Facebook page, especially of Oscar, our new superstar actor and comedian. I’m sure his time is coming soon (I mean for adoption).

Very shortly we’ll be announcing our next project, and there will be another opportunity for your HKDR dogs to be included.  It’s the 2011 Calendar, but this time it’s going to be something completely different and unlike previous years when you had to bring your dogs to be photographed, instead you will be able to send us your own favourite snapshots.  This will mean that those who couldn’t be included in this year’s Tribute Book 3 will still be able to be part of one of our HKDR projects, and I think you’re going to like it! 

Many of our adopters keep in touch over the years and we love to have news of the dogs.  Ha Tsai was a special case, a very sweet and young shih tzu boy who had spinal problems which meant he wouldn’t walk very well.  He spent a long time with the other small dogs on Lamma and he never let his disability stand in the way of having fun.  Eventually Ha Tsai found a home, and he and a group of other (mostly HKDR) small dogs often meet for reunions and birthday parties.   Showing how much Ha Tsai has become a very much loved member of his family, here is a recent photo of him at his adopter’s wedding.

Totally one of the family


2 Responses to “Thurs 1st July: Hello sunshine”

  1. ivy Says:

    poor bobble & pablo, hope you both can overcome it….

    Pablo is such a sweet boy, we miss him!

  2. Angela Says:

    Oh no! Wish Pablo can make it and recover asap! What a sad news. He was such a sweet one.

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