Tues 29th June: Goodbye – and hello

It was another action packed day today, starting with a visit to AFCD at Shatin this time.  Being at Tai Po our “local” Animal Management Centres are Shatin and Sheung Shui, both of which are within easy driving distance, and having the HKDR van makes visiting all three of the Kowloon side centres quite easy.  Of course there were lovely dogs at Shatin, and they will be coming to Tai Po very soon.  As always they range from poodle, pug and shih tzu-sized up to yet another large German shepherd.

Shelter from rain and sun for the small dogs and visitors

Arriving at Tai Po I found that the gazebos (open tents) that had been ordered had arrived, so a team of us set about putting them up.  The first one, a very suitable red colour, went up just outside the door to the main house, and the second in the new play area.  We managed to get four tents up before the end of the day, and there are four more still to be placed.  Of course they will have to be dismantled when there’s a strong wind around, but for the moment they provide shelter from both the rain and sun, and it’s a very cheap option at a bargain price of only $500 each.

Amber flies! One of a great series of photos

While putting up the tent in the play area there were several dogs also in the enclosure, including new golden retriever Amber, small-sized Benjamin and doglets Bailey and Vivian.  Siu Pang, one of our leading volunteer photographers, took a great series of photos which are posted on our HKDR Facebook page.  Just click on the FB button at the side of this blog to see them all as there are just too many to include here.  Amber is clearly still a very playful puppy, and a beautiful one at that.

Benjamin is the size of a puppy but he's a young adult

Colin's still similing depsite having had two lumps and his "bits" removed

Colin the Collie came back from having surgery on his tail, and while he was having the operation another lump was also discovered on his side, and he was desexed too.  So the poor dog arrived swathed in blue bandages, right to the end of his now-shortened tail.  The removed growths will have to be sent off for analysis to make sure they’re not malignant (hope not), but at least Colin will now be able to wag his tail without having a heavy weight on the end of it.  He’s such a lovely boy, very happy and loving, and I really hope someone will offer him a home before too long.

The new German Shepherd, Hercules, is another wonderful dog, probably the most gentle out of all the shepherds we’ve had.  He’s great with other dogs, and loves people too.  I just wish I could give all of the dogs what they want more than anything – a home – but the best we can offer is a safe haven until that time comes.

Nana with Remy, Shady and Prancer (who recently made the headlines after saving a man who had collapsed in a country park)

After leaving Tai Po a group of us headed off to Soho for farewell drinks with Nana, one of our stalwart volunteers who is leaving for her native Switzerland very soon.  Nana was the Volunteer Co-ordinator for a long time, and we’ll miss her.   During her time with HKDR Nana gained not only her two wonderful dogs, but also baby Remy, and there was more baby news buzzing round the bar.  Another long-term volunteer, Rachael, had just given birth to twins, unexpectedly early, so we wish Rachael, husband Baz, and their two baby boys all the best. HKDR has been quite successful in producing (human) babies over the years.


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