Mon 28th June: Sparkle wins

Sparkle as a cute puppy at Whiskers'n'Paws. What happened?

I thought Sparkle had developed a bad case of insomnia when every night, after I had turned off the lights and settled down in bed, I could hear her pacing back and forth, back and forth, her nails clicking on the tiles as she went.  Both she and Minky have long since moved into my bedroom to sleep, so what used to be my sanctuary, reserved only for those invited, is now full of dogs that have made their way either up or down the stairs (I sleep on the middle floor).  Minky, Sparkle and Domino have

One of the Silent Sisters (left)

come down, while Kelly and two Monkey Dogs (who I call the Silent Sisters after the way they tiptoe quietly up the spiral staircase, thinking I won’t notice) have moved up from the ground level dormitory.  Then there are the puppies, of course, who have their inside fenced-off area which leads out onto the balcony. My own dogs, Holly and Inky, plus Sandy and Murphy, are the only ones who are officially allowed to be in my room, and only the two small ones sleep on my bed.

So back to Sparkle and her nocturnal pacing, which kept me awake as well as her.  What was the problem, and what did she want?  Well I know the answer to that now, after having woken several times during the night over the past few nights, as well as in the morning, to find Sparkle fast asleep on my bed.  She was simply waiting for me to go to sleep so she could get up on the bed too.  She knows she’s not supposed to, and when I find her there I kick her off, so rather than give in and sleep in a dog bed like all the others, she paces patiently until she knows it’s safe.  This morning she was even curled up on the pillow beside me, the cheeky minx.  What do you do with a dog that makes her own rules and just keeps plugging away until she gets what she wants?

Monday’s visit to Pokfulam AFCD added two new dogs to the inventory, plus three puppies.  Actually we thought that one of the dogs was also a puppy, but on inspection (of the teeth), I found he was a young adult.  There are a lot of small-sized mongrels turning up now, a result of so many small breeds being abandoned as well as the bigger ones.

The second dog, a collie, had been found running loose round Cyberport, still wearing his harness and leash.  He was well groomed, happy and very friendly, so I assumed that he was simply lost and his owner would be coming to get get him.  Until, that is, that one of the staff pointed out that he had a “lump” on his tail, and asked if I wanted to take him out on medical grounds, that is, before the mandatory four days.  I had a look at the tail and found a heavy growth the size of an egg hanging on the end.  The location of the tumour meant that it got knocked every time the dog wagged his tail, which was all the time, and there was an open sore which was bleeding.  Added to the fact that the dog wasn’t microchipped, I changed my mind about him being lost and was sure he had been dumped.  Cyberport is obviously a place where someone can be pretty sure a dog will be picked up, and whoever thought that was right.  Colin (the collie) was booked in immediately for surgery in the morning, and being a young dog I hope that the growth is benign and can just be removed without further complications.

Another husky had been brought in over the weekend, so we now have three of them, all lovely – and young-  dogs.  I noticed when I went to Kowloon AFCD last week that they also had several more huskies waiting to be released for re-homing, so maybe there was a movie out a year ago featuring the breed, or someone was busy breeding them, but whatever the reason there are abandoned huskies all over the place at the moment.  Our three are Gilbert, Smartie and new boy Wolfie.


7 Responses to “Mon 28th June: Sparkle wins”

  1. kirsteen Says:

    Strange you should say that – I remember ‘8 Below’ being the TVB Pearl Movie of the Year, about a year ago.

  2. PE Says:

    Re Sparkle’s issue (we like to call them issues rather than problems)… persistently train her to do what you want her to do OR give in and let her train you instead. Kekeke.

    Re Huskies, there was a movie called “Eight Below” but it was released in 2006, I think.

  3. Alicia Too Says:

    Dear Sally
    A friend of mine sent me a YouTube clip of a dog with one of his leg badly cut. To my understanding someone called AFCD to catch the dog however the dog escaped but his leg was badly injured during the process. I was told that an old lady feed the dog daily and this stray dog live in Diamond Hill Crematorium. I am wondering whether HKDR can help this poor dog, he must be in great pain. I can donate money to cover the medical charges of this dog. Below is the link from YouTube.

    Can anyone help this poor dog??
    Many thanks

    • Sally Says:

      I suggested that SPCA was the best organisation to handle this kind of rescue as the dog obviously needed urgent medical attention. He is now in their care and I understand the leg is due to be amputated today (Wednesday). I’m sure a lot of people are keen to help the poor dog after what it has suffered, and we will follow up to see how he is.

  4. Helen Says:

    Sparkle is so cute~~~ just sleep with her~~ XD

    I am planning to bring dogs hiking on this Thu.
    can you reply me via email so i can discuss with you? i hope u can grant me permission. thanks.

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