Sat 26th June: A very wet Saturday

The rain put a literal dampener on all activities today, and hike plans were cancelled along with everything else.  I took my Lamma group out as usual but cut the walk short once the lightning started.  I can deal with the rain but I’m not sure that I want to be blown out of my boots by a bolt of electricity, or have to deal with any of the dogs being struck either.  I know the chances are slim, but they’re still there.

Can you believe this isn't a stray or abandoned dog

I got a call from a fellow-rescuer about a couple of dogs that had been taken to a vet for a pre-travel health certificate, but the dogs were in such an appalling condition that the vet couldn’t even examine them, let alone say they were fit to fly.  One of them, a shih tzu, was so thin that he weighed in at only 2 kilos, less than half what his (her?) bodyweight should be.  The other one, a female cocker spaniel, had a very large mammary tumour.  The owner of these dogs, an expat by the way, had such little information about the dogs that he didn’t know how old they were or even their sex.  Thankfully he agreed to give up the dogs and they are both now urgently in need of foster homes.  Let me know if you can help and I’ll pass the messages on.

This is what Sandy should look like

I took advantage of my day at home to give Sandy a haircut.  I have to admit that while my other small dog, Murphy, looks very cute after a complete shave, it doesn’t suit Sandy at all.  That may be why the sight of a pair of scissors or clippers sends her scuttling for cover, but I caught her off guard today and sat her down for a serious makeover.  Sandy has very fine hair, and it seems to attract grass seeds which are needle sharp and work their way into the skin.  My poor little dog screamed and yelped as I found the seeds half embedded in her, and I don’t know how she manages to walk around like that.  It must be uncomfortable at best, but more likely really painful.  I couldn’t even finish the job as she was protesting so much, so I’ll have to have another session soon.  At the moment she’s definitely not ready for a photo.

The small dogs don't mind the weather at all!

I worry about the dogs at Tai Po when the weather is so bad, but they seem to be able to cope with it.  The small dogs are very happy with their luxury accomodation and stay perfectly dry inside the main house, as do those dogs who sleep in the upstairs dormitories or have proper outdoor houses, but it’s the roaming dogs that have to find shelter for themselves.  Still, looking at the photos that our volunteers take (and quickly post on Facebook, thank you), rain definitely doesn’t stop play.

Oscar tests the water temperature


6 Responses to “Sat 26th June: A very wet Saturday”

  1. Samsindy Says:

    Oscar’s photo is great

  2. Manuela Says:

    I wonder what the future of the little dogs you rescued from the expatriate guy would be! How could he let the poor dog reach such an appaling condition?! Not even knowing what their sex was?! Is that a joke? The man should never be allowed to have a pet ever!

  3. Steve C Says:

    Curious whether the dogs are using the shelter that was erected…?

    • Sally Says:

      No, and it’s frustrating to know that it’s there and furnished with dog beds but it’s too far away from the house for them to voluntarily go up that far to use it.

  4. Dogs for rehoming Says:

    Keep up the good work! Never ceases to amaze me how badly some people treat their pets….

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