Thurs 24th June: RIP Johnnie

As I said the other day, there’s no dog that’s too old to disqualify it from being saved as long as it still has good quality of life. Although this little guy isn’t the oldest dog we’ve had, his chances finding a home seemed slim when he recently arrived.  He’s no spring chicken (although he seems to have chosen one as his toy), he’s only got one eye and the other doesn’t function too well, but guess what?  He was adopted today.  I don’t even think we’d had time to find him a new name (he came as Wai Wai), but no matter, he’ll be given one by his new family.

Gorgeous Scruff

At the other end of the scale, I knew young Scuff wouldn’t have any trouble finding a home, and it took less than a day.  What a gorgeous boy!

I’m also betting that Amber, the young golden retriever, will be gone before the weekend’s out.  She’s not only beautiful, but she’s incredibly sweet and loving, as is Smartie the husky girl.

Amber and Smartie

One of my doglets, Johnnie, had to go for an emergency appointment at the vet after I noticed him looking decidedly sick and not at all his usual self.  His sides were heaving and his head was down, and I’m still waiting to get some results back from X-rays and blood tests. 

Johnnie at Whiskers'n'Paws wearing his 'adopt me' bandana.

 Johnnie is one of a group of doglets who have formed a friendly gang.  Whenever I leave the house to catch the sampan, they squeeze out through the gate and run down to  the beach ahead of me where they race around after each other.  No matter how hard I try I can’t stop them getting out, and if dogs could laugh they would be.  


Other gang members are Willow, Puppy Girl, Fido, Cinder and Chippy.

Puppy Girl

I just hope Johnnie will be OK. I’m afraid he may have eaten one of the many dead fish that litter the beach and which the dogs find irresistable despite the stench, or maybe because of it. It’s always a race to see who can get to the fish first, me to pick them up (very carefully and without breathing in), or one of the doglets.  It’s always worried me that a bone will get stuck in their throats as they try to gulp the rotting flesh down before I can get it from them.

Update: Johnnie has pneumonia and the prognosis isn’t good.  I have no idea how he got sick, let alone get this bad.  I can only hope.

Just got a call to say that Johnnie died.  I can’t believe that he hid his condition so well from me that it wasn’t until it was too late to do anything that I could tell he was sick.  By then it was already an emergency.  My previous Johnnie also died young, at five years, of kidney failure.  I will never use the name again.


4 Responses to “Thurs 24th June: RIP Johnnie”

  1. Yolanda Says:

    RIP, Johnnie. You would be forever young, happy and playful in the Rainbow Bridge. My prayer be with you.

  2. Fiona Says:

    So sorry to hear about Johnnie. I’ve always loved that puppy photo of him, such a beautiful face.

  3. Helen Yeung Says:

    RIP Johnnie boy, short lived but lucky to be always in loving care of Sally.

  4. Sandy Says:

    RIP, Johnnie. We all love u!

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