Mon 21st June: Opening up a new space

I noticed that work is finally starting on the old Pokfulam kennels as I made my regular Monday trip to AFCD.  I’ve been hoping the place would be knocked down so I wouldn’t be reminded of the old days every time I went by.  It’s not that I don’t like the space at Tai Po, in fact I love it, but it’s the travel time from Lamma that’s daunting.

New boy Logan

I picked up two older puppies that had been waiting for

New girl Berry

 their release date before setting off for Tai Po.  Luckily I was able to hitch a ride with a volunteer and his car, as it was our van driver’s day off.  Michelle had to share the back seat again, but this time the puppy was in a crate so the vomit, when it inevitably came, was safely contained.  

The work at Tai Po is still ongoing, and because I’m not there every day it’s always a nice surprise to see the latest developments.  Now the top half of the garden has been cleared, and it’s like discovering a whole new place.  It’s amazing how different it looks, and I know that must seem obvious but because the entire area was completely hidden by undergrowth and overgrowth it was hard to even imagine what was underneath it all.  It turns out there are ornamental gardens – well, the remnants of what were once ornamental – and the dogs were delighted with their new play area.  We’ll be building three new enclosures in the newly opened-up area, and that should be it.

It's hard to tell the dogs apart sometimes, especially the black ones

I love the way that whenever you walk round the grounds at Tai Po you will always be accompanied by a group of four-legged friends eager to show you the best route.  However much the dogs enjoy the space and freedom of the gardens, they crave human companionship even more.  At least most of them do, even if there are some that are very happy just with what they’ve got.

I didn’t have long at Tai Po as I had to deliver Julius, the German shepherd, to his foster home on the Peak.  Michelle joined me again, and this time she had Julius’s big head resting on her for the journey.  There’s something very comforting about a very big and gentle dog, and Julius is just such a lovely boy.  I hope the fact that he has epilepsy won’t affect his chances of finding a home, especially as it definitely seems to be stress-related only.  He hasn’t had any further seizures since that first day when he arrived.


10 Responses to “Mon 21st June: Opening up a new space”

  1. Ramy Kan Says:

    Hi Sally,

    Just to let you know Siu Wong is settling in well. He can go out for a walk with his owner and other dogs without a leash now ! How amazing it is ! Actually he slipped away a few times from the slit of the garden gate to their neighbour’s place. He ran back straight away once his owner called his name. This is really great. Siu Wong is such a smart dog. Here is a video taken by his owner:

    Wish you and all dogs best of luck .


  2. Bonnie Chan Says:

    I was at Tai Po last Saturday with my boyfriend to walk the dogs. It took us 45 minutes to get there and 35 minutes to identify just two dogs!! We walked Annabelle who lost a finger nail(still bleeding) and Kong with a bit on the face (still bleeding). They are located from different area and some of the dogs are just too aggressive. Can we please at least categorized the dogs at each dog gate and put their names at their collars? I would love to walk more dogs with so little time.

    • Sally Says:

      Dear Bonnie,
      We moved to Tai Po at the beginning of May when there was nothing there but a house and the grounds. Since then we have been trying to build enclosures and shelters as quickly as we can so that we can separate the dogs and put them into groups that get on. We’re now working on the last few enclosures and after that we will definitely be putting names up on the gates. Until then, I hope you understand that we are doing our best and that’s as much as we can do. I know that it’s difficult to find particular dogs, and we have put name collars on the black ones, but in the meantime there’s a book of photos to help volunteers who don’t know the individual dogs. I think you’ll see a big improvement when the last enclosures are up and thank you for your patience.

  3. Yolanda Says:

    I know them: the one standing in the right with a bit of white fur on his chest and legs is Ticket while the one next to him is his brother Zeb. The one lying down ……hmmmm might be Pia.

    • Sally Says:

      It’s Ticket for sure, Slim Jim next to him ?, and Wilson or Samuel perhaps (they look very alike). Could even be Remy. Luckily volunteers have favourite dogs which they can easily identify so in the end we work it out!

  4. ivy Says:

    Julius is really a sweet-heart. Glad that I have spent some time with him last sat. Wish he can find a permanent home soon.

    GOOD LUCK, Julius!!

    • Helen Says:

      strongly agree!! his extra large size scared me at the first time, but in fact he is very sweet and luv to be patted

  5. Yolanda Says:

    Glad to know Siu Wong’s story and THANKS Sally for saving him. But Sally, that’s Ticket’s brother, Zeb (the gangsters) for sure. Both of them are our sweetheart.

    • Sally Says:

      Like I said, every dog has a fan who knows him/her better than anyone else. I can usually identify the dogs when I’m with them, but photos are harder. I’m happy to know that there is at least one volunteer who loves every dog. My list of favourites is too long!

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