Sun 20th June: A hot summer day

Yes, summer has arrived with a vengeance, and now not only can we look forward to months of steaming hot and humid weather but also the very slow period for adoptions. Every year it’s the same, and not only are there far fewer dogs getting new homes at this time, but it’s also a dry period for donations and fundraising.  The money that comes in during the “high season” has to be drawn on to see us through the lull.  As soon as school holidays start, so does the exodus from Hong Kong, and the words “after the summer” are all too familiar at adoption venues like Whiskers’n’Paws.

Doobie's last day

Still, that doesn’t mean no adoptions at all and today’s made up for lack of numbers going into new homes.  Doobie was on his last Sunday before I would have to move him to Tai Po, something that’s very hard for me to do, but today he was chosen.  He’s such a wonderful puppy, easy and sweet, so I hope he settles quickly and doesn’t miss his old home too much.

I’ve got a great group of puppies at the moment, super sweet, and the puppy huggers had a field day with them.  There were as many children in the puppy pen as there were puppies, but no actual takers.

It was a problem keeping the water bowl filled as digging out the water is a sport that a lot of puppies enjoy at this time of year.  On Lamma I’ve had to put down mini swimming pools in the puppy areas, so at least there’s something left for them to drink after they’ve all finished splashing around.

Bossy's emptied the water bowl again

Me, me, choose me!

For the last couple of weeks I’ve also been bringing a selection of small adult dogs to the Sunday afternoon events, and it will be a regular thing from now on as there’s always at least one that finds a home.  Today it was a chihuahua, but I bet it won’t be long before adorable little pug Queenie finds a home.  She’s incredibly sweet-natured, as well as being ultra cute.  She’s already lucky in that she had previously been used for breeding, but now she’s in a great foster home until she’s permanently adopted.

It looks like Julius is having fun!

The play area at Tai Po is now finished and several dogs were able to take advantage of new space and the “pool”. Now why is it that my Lamma dogs still absolutely refuse to put a paw in the splash pool that’s in the garden?  Only one dog, Cinder, will walk through it but not stop to play.

Prima enjoys a cooling dip


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