Sat 19th June: The Wilson Trail

At the top of Shek Lin Road

I’m guessing there’s still a lot of people who haven’t been to our Tai Po site yet.  We were really lucky to be offered this place at a time when we only had two weeks to go before our final day at Pokfulam and nowhere to move to.  It was such an amazing offer, and although it’s only temporary we’ve been busy making it a home for the many dogs that are still in our care.

Signs to the Wilson Trail

Apart from the house, where we have offices downstairs and dog dormitories upstairs, there is a very large terraced garden.  We have been separating the space into large enclosures so the dogs can be divided into groups but still have a lot of space to run and play.  At the top of the garden we discovered old, rusted gates which led out onto the hills above Shek Lin Road, and the Wilson Trail.  The gates have now been replaced with new, usable ones, and volunteer Vivian took some photos of the beautiful scenery that surrounds our Tai Po home.    Now volunteers can walk the dogs out in the countryside without having to drive them for miles to get there (but volunteers, please don’t just head off without talking to someone first about routes and safety).

Follow the signs

Although I stayed on Lamma today I was involved in a very quick adoption.

Apricot quickly found a new home

Someone had emailed Sandra about Apricot the mini poodle, and Sandra replied and copied to me.  I added my bit, and after some back and forth with suggestions and warnings about what to expect (with Apricot having an ear infection and still being quite shy), the adopter went to Tai Po, spent some time with Apricot, and ended up taking her back home to Pokfulam.  So there’s one little dog in a new home, and I’m sure a much better one that before.

Jack Russell Jackie

While Apricot was on her way out, Jackie was on her way in.  This gorgeous Jack Russell girl has lived with her family for four years, but now with two children they say they don’t have time for the dog any more.  I know Jackie won’t be with us for long, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she got adopted in a day, but poor dog, she’s done nothing wrong and wouldn’t understand why she was being left in a strange place with so many other dogs.

Jackie is a healthy dog and ready for immediate adoption but not all dogs come to us this way.  Recently adopted schnauzers Fizzy and Elspeth were in a terrible condition when I first took them from AFCD, and so was King, a big and beautiful German Shepherd.  He’s been in foster care and I just received a photo of him as he is now.  Still not 100%, but what a difference.

King's skin was red and raw

Much better now


2 Responses to “Sat 19th June: The Wilson Trail”

  1. Jade Says:

    Its a good news to learn that Apricot is homed!

  2. Helen Y Says:

    Happy to see King getting so much better. What a change!

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