Fri 18th June: 2 dogs 2 updates

Tulip’s story touched the heart of so many people and I know everyone, myself included, want to hear how she’s doing.  So here’s a photo of her, thin but smiling, and I’m sure it will only get better from here on.

Big smile for the camera Tulip

I took Gypsy back to see the vet yesterday, but due to a mix-up on timing it ended up being a very quick check and change of bandages.  I feel so sorry for Gypsy and wonder how and why she survived before coming to us (via AFCD), but she is as cheerful as a dog can be when it can’t really move around.  I wonder too if I am being cruel to put her through this, but the extent of her handicap and abnormal bone growth wasn’t evident early on.  Even the (experienced) vet that first checked her didn’t pick up on the problem, and by the time it became clear that something wasn’t right I had already fallen under the spell of her cheeky charm.

Gypsy with her double casts

As I was taking Gypsy to have a check-up I also took along some puppies needing their second vaccinations, but we are now in full tick fever season and two of them looked pale enough to test.  Sure enough, they are both infected so that makes three now confirmed to have the disease.  Tick fever is treatable and the puppies usually make a complete recovery, but it’s the fact that I can’t home them at this crucial time that’s the problem.  By the time they are healthy, they will be past the cute stage and will lose out to others who are younger.  Many of the adult dogs that are still with me were tick fever puppies.  Damn those horrible blood-sucking, disease carrying, useless-for-anything creatures.  There doesn’t seem to be anything that is truly effective in keeping ticks at bay and I am constantly finding them stuck to dogs that are supposedly well protected (like Sandy and Murphy who sleep on my bed).

I’m running out of space for the puppies on Lamma.  They start off as tiny little things and before you know it they’ve tripled in size, energy and poo capacity, and the space that seemed to be perfectly adequate just a week ago is now too small.  Two more were returned from a foster home today so they had to be put back with the others, and it looks like I have to move some of the older ones to Tai Po.  I feel terrible doing this, and I just want all of the puppies to find homes before they’re the age where they are just too big.  Two of the older ones are Doobie and Pipsqueak, and this Sunday at Whiskers’n’Paws may have to be the last one before they make that move.  It feels to me like I’m abandoning them, and I’m sure it feels the same to them too.

Doobie is a wonderful boy, very easy, loving and well-behaved. Won't someone give him a home?


One Response to “Fri 18th June: 2 dogs 2 updates”

  1. Helen Says:

    I saw the video of Gypsy and you certainly did the right thing by going through with the operation.. she has soo much life in her and she looked quite happy in the video..

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