Thurs 17th June: We have a phone?

The excitement of Tulip’s rescue was still very much on my mind today and I was impatient for news of how she was doing, as I know many others are too.  She always had a sensitive stomach and needed to be on a special diet, so sure enough she had diarrhoea but was otherwise fit enough to be taken home, “home” now being with her sister Lilac, and Siew Yen’s two other HKDR dogs, Angie and Brodie.  (I’ve just heard that Tulip is happy and doing well, though it will obviously take quite some time for her to fully recover).  This is one story that will make the HKDR history books for sure.

It was a Tai Po day for me today, and there’s always something new happening up there.  We’re still working on building more enclosures, and right now there’s a big play area going up in the forecourt.  This will allow us to let dogs like Prima run around and play (she loves chasing tennis balls), and it’s also a space for potential adopters to be able to interact with dogs away from the main dog area.

We’ve also replaced some old rusted gates that we discovered at the top of the garden when the undergrowth was cut back.  These gates lead out into the countryside at the top of the hill, and we hope that it will provide easy access for dog walkers which will avoid anyone having to walk on the road, which apart from anything else is very steep.  I know some of our volunteers with dodgy knees have been struggling with the steep gradient of the hill, so this should definitely make things a lot easier from everyone’s point of view.

We’re still working on the dog shelter problem, and thanks to everyone for their helpful suggestions and comments.  We’ve now got two prototypes under construction so we can compare design and effectiveness before going ahead with ordering any quantities.  In the meantime, I decided to make use of a pile of heavy vinyl banner ads that had been given to us.  These vary in size from the mega-giant ones which are hung on the sides of buildings, to the smaller ones that are fixed to pavement handrails.  (It’s always fun to discover what we’re advertising, in this case “Keep Hong Kong Clean” and the HK Arts Festival).  With the help of some volunteers the vinyl sheets were draped over existing roof-only shelters to provide better protection against the rain, and others fixed to the side of the pens in front of the house.  The mother and her babies were getting wet when heavy rain was being blown sideways into their space, so now they have extra shelter to keep them dry.

The babies are growing fast and are toddling around quite happily now.  They are so lucky to have a mother with them, and one who has plenty of milk.  Soon she will start to wean them by regurgitating the food that she has eaten, and this is prompted by the pups licking her mouth.  When you see adult dogs licking each others mouths, this is what it’s about.  It’s not that they expect food, but it’s a submissive gesture.

I still had things to do when I left Tai Po, like dropping off the old golden retriever at his new foster home (so happy about this), and picking up the puppy Susie K from the vet clinic after her Berenil injection for tick fever.  I thought she would be happier sitting on my lap than being in a bag or crate for the journey back to Lamma, but I realised my mistake when she tried several times to leap from my arms into the sea.  I’m sure she wasn’t aware that jumping out of the sampan would mean certain drowning, but I had to hold her very tightly for the entire crossing while she struggled to get free.  Lesson learned, and next time it’s a crate for young Miss Susie.

We finally got a phone connection at Tai Po and this was also supposed to include internet (it’s one of those wireless systems).  However the reception is so bad that it’s not much better than having nothing, so it’s back to PCCW for an answer.  I’m sure there are a lot of people who can come up with ideas about what PCCW stands for.  Mine is Pathetic Connection.  Can’t Work.


12 Responses to “Thurs 17th June: We have a phone?”

  1. Doris Says:

    How’s Gipsy doing?

  2. Silvena Says:

    We should definitely stick to ADSL for internet, can we ask PCCW to have a ADSL line installed instead of the 3G one (I’m assuming it’s 3G)?
    We have homeplug ethernet adapters and a router lying around in the kennels, we can easily wire up the computers and setup a wireless network ourselves.

    • Sally Says:

      I wish I knew what you were talking about Silvena, and I’m just happy to have you sort it all out!

      • Silvena Says:

        I e-mailed Kathy and found out we have signed up for the 3G HSPA service, so it’s basically the same technology as Smartone-Voda and it is completely useless when we dont’ even have good mobile reception at the kennels.

        In short, without bombarding you with any more tech terms, I will talk to Kathy and between us, we’ll contact PCCW to change to a different service and have the rest setup.

      • Sally Says:

        Yes please!!!!! It’s been over 6 weeks without phone or internet and it’s impossible to run HKDR like this.

  3. jerry Says:

    The tulip story ought to make the main media and it won’t go out of date until a main media uses it — all the pics are there plus people to interview plus the star herself!!!!!

  4. Helen Y Says:

    I heard Smartone has better coverage in rural areas, anyone who is using Smartone cell phone, when you are next at Tai Po Kennel, can you check either you have 2G or 3G reception?

    • Sally Says:

      Smartone was my first thought but they told me they had no coverage at that address. Still I’m going to take my own broadband modem up to Tai Po to see if it works. It can’t be worse!

  5. Geoff Says:

    Hi Sally,

    when dogs on the street comes up to Berri and starts licking her mouth, does that mean they are being submissive to her, or asking her to be submissive to them?

    This happens all the time and it’s always baffled me why they do that and Berri gives them a dirty look!

  6. jennifer Says:

    LOL sally, i love your acronym for pccw.

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