Tues 15th June: Gypsy’s big day

Gypsy had to go in for surgery first thing in the morning.  I’d already discussed what would be happening with the vet, Dr Tony Matthews, and I knew the risks, but without the operation Gypsy’s condition would only get worse as she grew so there was no option but to take a chance. Basically the two bones in her front legs were growing at a different pace, so the longer one was twisting the leg and feet, while at the same time pulling the elbow joint out.  By cutting out a section of the longer bone, the leg should be able to grow normally, although there are still other problems that need to be sorted out before Gypsy will be able to walk properly.  The good news is that everything went smoothly today, so the first stage is over.  Now we just wait and see, and decide when stage two (fusing of the “wrist” joints) should be done.  If all else fails then Gypsy will just have to learn to walk upright like the famous two-legged dog Faith.

I had to go back to AFCD in the early afternoon to meet the person who was going to take Siu Wong, the Facebook-famous Quarry Bay dog.  I had told her to be sure to bring a crate to put Siu Wong in as I knew there was no way he would walk on a leash, but things got lost in translation and there was no crate or cage.  So while the would-be adopter went off to Aberdeen to buy something to transport Siu Wong in, I spent the time sitting with him and calming him down so he could be microchipped and rabies vaccinated.  By the time the adopter came back carrying the new cage, Siu Wong’s paperwork was already done and he was free to leave. 

Julius, the epileptic German shepherd, went to the vet in Tai Po to have some tests done, and he’s now got some medication to help control the seizures.  We have another dog, Prima, who has the same condition and once the correct dosage is established (which is trial and error), then it’s just a question of monitoring to see that there’s no further occurrences.  Apart from the seizures, Julius is in good shape and health, and the vet commented on what a lovely dog he is, which is absolutely true.

A team of workers came to Tai Po to continue the clearing work.  There are still large areas of garden that are completely overgrown, and if we can get it all cleared we can build some more enclosures for the dogs.  Ultimately it would be good to have separate areas for all of them so we can sort into compatible groups, all with their own shelter and play area.  There’s certainly the space.


3 Responses to “Tues 15th June: Gypsy’s big day”

  1. Ramy Kan Says:

    Thank you, Sally. You are Siu Wong’s saviour. Siu Wong has a new home, a spacious home with big garden, trees, fields and river around, which we think a 5 star home for Siu Wong. We hope Siu Wong starts a new life there.

    I hope all strayed dogs can have the same fate as Siu Wong.

    Once again, thank you so much.

    • Sally Says:

      Ramy, it’s not me that really helped Siu Wong it was his many fans and the person who offered him such a lovely home. The very best of luck to him!

  2. DL Says:

    I wonder why some mongrels are so loved in HK, even when they are strays! Still, it is a wonderful thing, and if only more mongrels have such a cult-like following like Siu Wong.

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