Sun 13th June: Pups’n’pugs

Wow, what a difference in the weather.  Summer is now here with a vengeance and the heat and humidity are stifling.  I’ve been managing with two broken aircons until now and thought the fans were doing perfectly good job, but not any more. 

It was so quiet at Whiskers’n’Paws to start with that I thought I’d be going home with all of the dogs and puppies that made the trip over, but gradually, and thankfully, the potential adopters started to arrive.  We’d brought some of the small adults over from Tai Po, and a couple of foster pugs, so it was a full house (terrace, I mean) even without any of the usual Sunday visitors.

Puppy Theo was one of the lucky ones

The baby pups were a big draw as always, and three out of the recent litter of five that I took in were adopted.  They were very cute I have to say.  Sweet corgi cross, Jazzy, also found a home and dachsund/poodle Doodle will be adopted if he passes the allergy test (not his problem, but the husband’s).

Jazzy found a new home

We’ll be including a selection of small adults every Sunday from now on as I’m always being asked if we have any, and Tai Po is a long way from Ap Lei Chau for those who want to meet potential family members. 

Doobie and Emma, both still waiting to be chosen

Plus, of course, there are those puppies not adopted as babies who are still making the Sunday trips in the hope of finding a home.  Doobie and Pipsqueak are two of them, lovely boys whose siblings have all long since gone.  They’re at the age and stage where they should really be moving to Tai Po, but I keep holding on in the hope that this will be the week that they are chosen.  Doobie in particular is such a loving and easy boy, and because he spent some time in a foster home he knows all about walking nicely on a leash.  He’s coming up for six months now, so he’s still very much a puppy but he has all of the required training that will make him a very easy new addition to any home.  He’s fully toilet trained, and has been hugged, squeezed and carried around by so many Sunday puppy huggers that he’s very used to small children.

Puppy hugger at work (with Fido, still on Lamma)

I’m surprised Emma hasn’t found a home yet as she’s already six months but is still the same size as many of the much younger puppies.  She looks as though she has a lot of Jack Russell in her, and she’s certainly not going to be a big dog.

Pipsqueak got his name because he was so tiny as a baby


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