Sat 12th June: Dragon Boats in the bay

It was a very unusual day today.  To start with I had left my phone at Tai Po so wasn’t getting the calls and text messages that are part of my daily life.  Not such a problem for a day but with the whole weekend ahead I knew I’d need the phone at some point, especially as we had dogs coming from Tai Po for  Sunday afternoon at Whiskers’n’Paws.  I now always keep a spare phone at home so all I needed was a  SIM card to go with it, but that meant going over to Aberdeen to get one.

I always walk my dogs in the morning whatever the weather.  We’re all waterproof under our clothes and the dogs love to swim so get wet anyway, and although they don’t particularly like going out in the rain they’re quite happy once we get going.  It wasn’t raining this morning, but it was Dragon Boat Race day in the bay and the police came round to say no dogs should be out between 10am and 2pm.  The pre-race lion dances take place at the temple which is just behind my house, and the beach and entire bay are packed with participants and supporters.  Although my walk takes me in the opposite direction, there are always a few dogs who take advantage of the open gate to race to the beach for a romp, even though they don’t join the main group.  So bummer, no walk this morning, but a good opportunity to go over to Aberdeen to get a SIM card.

Naturally the dogs were totally flummoxed by this.  Not only were the drums and cymbals upsetting the younger ones (the older dogs have heard it all before), but I was leaving without them! Even my promises of a walk later in the day fell on deaf ears as they watched me disappear.

Although I was without a phone I did at least have my computer and internet connection (which we’re still waiting for at Tai Po!  PCCW, what are you doing??), a lifeline in this day and age.  Maria, our foster coordinator, is away at the moment so the rest of us are trying to cover her work, and there were questions about this and that to reply to.  I also had another one of “those” emails, the ones that really get me going.   This time it was from someone who had a small dog that had a biting problem.  They had sent the dog away for training, and also punished it regularly for misdemeanours, not by smacking but by denying it walks etc.  Here’s another one who thinks that a dog can associate not going out with something like peeing on a carpet.  The mind truly boggles.

When I first sold my shop and before I started HKDR, I wanted to be an animal communicator.  I had spent many years working with and studying alternative practices including health, both physical and emotional, and metaphysics, and I was already doing the dog rescue work so it seemed to be a natural thing to do.  It was a long time before this type of thing became popular so it was pretty much still “out there”, although now there are courses and animal communicators all over the place.  It didn’t take me long to discover that dealing with a dog’s problems really meant dealing with the owner’s issues, because in every case the dog’s behaviour was a direct result of what was going on around it.  I soon gave up on the animal communication idea because it was immensely frustrating, and not at all what I had imagined.  This latest email just underlined exactly the reason why I couldn’t continue with that line of work, and it’s another dog bound for AFCD because of owner stupidity.

The dogs got their promised walk in the late afternoon, by which time it was roasting hot and the biting insects were out and about in force.  I don’t get bitten by mosquitoes (thanks to the wonders of vitamin B), but there are some nasty critters out there in the woods with vicious bites.  Now I have an impressive collection of big, red and very itchy lumps to keep me awake at night.


One Response to “Sat 12th June: Dragon Boats in the bay”

  1. Kore Fung Says:

    First thing I learned when I started my love to dogs… There is no bad dog, only bad owners. I agree with you 100%.

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