Fri 11th June: Gecko power

Very early morning calls are worrying.  What could have happened for someone to call me at a time when most people are still in bed?  This time it was happily just about a puppy found in a drain by one of our earlybird volunteers, so I said it was fine to take it to Tai Po.  That’s one very lucky puppy (now called Susie K),  and she’s now with the other pups her age on Lamma.  She was definitely not born stray as her condition is far too good and she’s very happy and confident around people, so someone must have just dumped her.

I had some dogs to pick up from Pokfulam AFCD as well as four from Sheung Shui.   I was notified of these only yesterday so obviously hadn’t been expecting the extra arrivals, but as I was told one of the dogs was pregnant it was imperative that I took her immediately.  This time the timing worked as planned and as the dogs from Pokfulam were easy,  we were on our way to Shui AFCD by early afternoon.

One of the Sheung Shui dogs was a tiny Yorkshire terrier, a sweet little thing who insisted on sitting on my lap for the drive back to Tai Po.  His age was estimated at eight years by the AFCD vet, but with these tiny dogs it’s very hard to tell.  Their teeth get dirty so quickly, especially if they’re fed the usual diet of rice and treats, and they can have serious dental problems at a very young age. 

The pregnant dog is a sweet girl, a mongrel of course, and she will go for a termination and desexing tomorrow.  It’s not a nice thing to happen but it’s the best option.  We already have a mother and her eight pups at Tai Po, as well as nine orphan babies (all in foster now, thanks!).  Maria, the mother, is doing very well and now happily wags her tail when anyone goes to say hello.  Her puppies are obviously well fed and cared for, and they’re going to be very pretty dogs, I’m sure of it.

Oscar streches after a snooze on top of the shelter roof

After getting all the new arrivals sorted I still had time to check out the shelters and sleeping arrangements in the outside areas.  I did some moving around and swapping of beds and dog houses, but I’m still not at all happy about the lack of proper shelter for all the dogs.  Those with real houses (there are two of them in the back area) are lucky, and there are other enclosures that have garden “sheds” or the equivalent so they’re OK, but two areas only have very basic cover. (Please see my replies to suggestions following yesterday’s post).

At least one problem was sorted today.  The other day a friend gave me a pair of shoes brought back from Beijing, just casual slip-ons, but I found out today that they have Gecko Power (and I’m talking about house lizards here, not the little dog on Lamma).  They grip the floor, which being shiny tiles gets very slippery when wet, and I almost felt I could walk up the walls in them.  Thanks, Mel, more please!


8 Responses to “Fri 11th June: Gecko power”

  1. jerry Says:

    do the gheko shoes have a name / maybe post a pic to see if they can be got in hk. My crocs are lethal in the wet

    • Sally Says:

      Jerry, are your Crocs genuine or copies? I thought they were supposed to be non-slip. but I know many rubber-soled shoes are lethal on tiles. I had a very serious accident one year and ended up in hospital with the back of my head split open. My gecko shoes are Puma (but, ahem, from China …..)

  2. jerry Says:

    I should say ‘lethal on certain surfaces, painted concrete like in car parks when wet, wet tiles and some of the new bricks they are laying everywhere as fancy footpaths’. Wet unpainted concrete and tarmac are fine. Yes my Crocs are real ones

  3. jerry Says:

    yes they are real, 3 pairs, my favourite shoes! but on painted concrete. wet tiles and some of the new brick pavements in the wet you have to be so careful. Gecko feet must be fantastic, I’ll keep my eyes open for Pumas

  4. Barbara Says:

    speaking of slippery shoes. i wear FitFlops and they are really great. it does not seem to matter what surface you walk on when wet, even on slippery marble in the IFC they do not slip at all. they are very comfortable and you can wear them all day. they are the only sandals i’ve found that do not slip.

  5. Ellen Says:

    as far as outdoor housing is concerned?
    what about building them from bricks and mortar?
    material is labour not expensive in Hk, might work out even cheaper than the ready made ones?

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