Tues 8th June: Gypsy moves out

Gypsy left home today to go to her foster in preparation for her leg surgery. I thought it would be better if she had time to settle before undergoing the serious and complicated operation which hopefully will result in her being able to walk properly.  At the moment both of her wrists are too weak to support her weight, and the uneven growth of her leg bones is pulling her elbows out.  She can stand for a short period, but most of the time she either lies down or sits upright, waving her front legs in the air.  The vet had questioned whether I should consider euthanasia, but by that time I had already got to know  Gypsy and her funny crooked smile and sweet nature.  We can only hope that the surgery is succesful, because if it’s not then Gypsy will have no real quality of life.

Gypsy didn’t enjoy either the sampan or the taxi ride, and vomited the whole way over.  I had arranged to meet her foster in front of the old Pokfulam kennels and it was strange being there again, especially as the famous fence is still in place, as are the kennels themselves.  Still, I didn’t feel any emotion about the site as we’re now at Tai Po and that’s that.  Home is where the dogs are.

We’re still undecided about the dog houses for those enclosures at Tai Po that are still without proper shelter.  I have an image in my head of what I think will work, bearing in mind that everything we do at this site is only temporary and that we need to keep as much money as possible in the bank for when we find our long term (and hopefully permament) home.  The problem is that while I have a good creative mind, I don’t have any of the practical skills to back my ideas up.  I’ll be going to Tai Po tomorrow to see if my visualisation will work, and then take it from there.  We have to have everything in place before the typhoon season starts, and what’s there has to be strong enough to stay in place.

Murphy even has his own T-shirt

Recently I had to buy new underwear (yet again) to replace what had been shredded by the four-legged thieves.  I know the group involved in the  games that take place, but not the actual culprit.  Until this evening that is, when I went into the bedroom and found two pieces of evidence lying on the bed, and knowing that Minky and Sparkle had been with me for the past couple of hours. As I picked up a wet and mangled bra, Murphy’s face appeared at the door of the small room where I keep my clothes, and he crept very slowly out, his head down and his body language screaming his guilt.  He silently approached me and pressed his head against my legs, begging forgiveness. I can’t get angry with the little rascal because he just makes me laugh, but I think I have to keep all underwear in a cast iron safe in future.

I’m sure I’ve told his story many times before, so skip the next paragraph if you already know it off by heart ……

I remember Murphy, as with all of the dogs, when I first met him at AFCD. He had a chewed muzzle hanging round his neck and he had been surrendered by his owners.  I was warned that he was a bit “naughty”, and he did show me his teeth as a greeting.  In fact he issued quite a strong warning that I should stay away but I took him anyway, and from that moment he decided I was his.  He was a terror at the kennels, and his favourite trick was to slam the door behind anyone leaving the office (where he was always at my feet), but with me he was the most devoted and sweet companion.  Wherever I went, he followed, whether it was to the vet across the road, or even back to AFCD.

He was even adopted for a very short time, but quickly returned when he terrorised (and traumatised) the whole family.  It was when he bit one of the regular and senior volunteers that I knew it was time to take him home, and he has been with me a couple of years now, and he has never been anything but lovely (and mischievous).  

I got an email today from a friend in London who had lived in Hong Kong for many years.  She told me she was at a dinner party where some Cathay crew were also there and they had been talking about life in Hong Kong and “must do” activities, one of which was volunteering at Hong Kong Dog Rescue.  Very true!  Guys, whoever you are, keep spreading the word.


6 Responses to “Tues 8th June: Gypsy moves out”

  1. Abby and Lou Says:

    And all this time poor Minky and Sparkle had been getting a bad rep!

  2. jerry Says:

    what’s he look like

  3. jerry Says:

    yes murphy — looks fairly harmless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. peggy duckgu Says:

    haha… i’m also trying my best to promoto HKDR on my fb, and some of my cx colleagues saw my photo album and joined the orientation class already, hopefully they’ll become part of the HKDR team soon!

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