Mon 7th June: More baby puppies!

I completely forgot (or actually never knew) that Monday is the van driver’s day off so when I arranged to meet others at AFCD in Pokfulam and then the contractors at Tai Po, I was assuming the HKDR van would be able to pick us all up.  Having made all the arrangements it was too late and complicated to be able to cancel so we had to hire a van, something I thought was pretty much in the past now.

I knew in advance that there would be some new puppies at AFCD that had come from the Stanley Barracks because someone had called me in the morning about them.  Actually the caller had asked if we could pick them up from Stanley as he knew AFCD were coming, but I said it was easier if I could take the pups from Pokfulam.  The older ones will have to do the obligatory four days (though I have no idea why as it’s known that they are unwanted),

The baby pups all came with red nylon string round their necks

but there was also a litter of nine very young babies which I took immediately.  I wish the dog catchers would take the mother as well when they pick up suckling pups.  Not only do the babies still need their mother and her milk,  but she will be franctic about losing her pups. If she was caught it would also mean that she could be desexed.

With the puppies in a crate we all piled into the van for the drive to Tai Po, which started with an argument with the driver about the route and ended with him moaning about the steep hill that leads up to the house, something I’d guessed was coming.  Anyway, we got there in one piece and the puppies were fine and uncomplaining, unlike the van driver.   Now the question was what to do with them and where to put them?

Michelle's a hit with the small dogs at Tai PoWhile Mark dealt with the contractor and our ongoing fence and enclosure construction, and I was discussing which type of outdoor houses would work best for the dogs still without proper shelter, Michelle got to work mixing the milk powder for the puppies and syringing it into their mouths.  The mother has done a good job feeding so many youngsters and they are healthy and chubby, but I’m anticipating at least a few days of diarrhoea and whinging before they adjust to their new diet.  Luckily it seems they are just on the verge of being able to lap, and they’ll have to learn quickly if they want to thrive.  There’ll be nobody there to give them their night time feeds, so it’s self-service or nothing.  We need fosters for these babies if anyone can help. They’ll have to go in pairs (or more) at this age, and stay in foster for a month until they’re ready for homing.

Michelle’s also a big hit with the small dogs at Tai Po, and it’s not just because of the chicken she brings…….

There are some lovely photos posted on Facebook from the volunteers’ visit to Lamma on Sunday, but I particularly liked this shot which got quite a few of the little dogs in the frame at the same time.

Some of the small dogs on Lamma, not all delinquents but a few included!


5 Responses to “Mon 7th June: More baby puppies!”

  1. Man Says:

    Is that Delia in the middle?

  2. Catlina Says:

    is Jazzy on michelle’s lap in the top photo? 🙂

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