Sun 6th June: Sunday Puppy Sunday

It was a strange kind of day today.  Of course I was at Whiskers’n’Paws as I always am on a Sunday afternoon, but this time I had some older dogs with me as well as the usual assortment of puppies.  Poodles Kiki and Kenzo came along, as well as Danny, a “giant shih tzu” who was going to a foster home after having spent some months on Lamma.  Kiki had an adoption interview lined up, and Kenzo came as back up.  I also took one of the poodle/dachshund crosses thinking someone would fall in love with such a sweet little dog.

Five new babies arrive just as I'm leaving for the afternoon

While I was getting onto the sampan with all of the dogs, crates and bag of paperwork, a group of volunteers were arriving with five baby pups which I’d agreed to take.  I made this decision at a time when I had no baby pups at home as my entire stock had been snapped up at the last puppy adoption afternoon, but of course since saying yes I had collected several from AFCD. I knew that would happen.  Anyway, the new arrivals had to join the two-plus-two in the top floor enclosure, and puppies being what they are they were all best friends by the time I got back from Whiskers’n’Paws.  Now I have to think of names so I can send them to the vet for vaccinations.

Most Sunday adopters tend to arrive early so they get the pick of the puppies,  but today was quite different and although there was the usual crowd of “puppy huggers” there didn’t seem to be anyone really interested. Kiki’s potential adopters arrived, and Doodle the poodle/dachshund had caught someone’s eye while older puppy Shona had been sitting on the same knee since we got there, but in general “business” was quite slow.  By 4pm when Danny’s fosters arrived I still hadn’t closed any deals, and my lucky beer clearly wasn’t doing its job.

I decided to go and have a look at some outdoor houses in one of the other shops at Horizon Plaza because we are still short of proper shelter for all the dogs at Tai Po.  We had bought these “sheds” before and they work quite well as dog houses, although they’re quite expensive.  By the time I got back to Whiskers’n’Paws I found that Kiki’s potential family had decided to take her (good), and Shona had been adopted by someone else, not the woman on whose lap she had spent the afternoon.  Having fallen in love the moment Shona crawled onto her knee, but wanting to be sensible about not making a rash decision, the woman couldn’t bear to see ‘her’ puppy go so a deal was struck and Shona was handed back to her.  Can you believe it?  One puppy and two adopters!

It was 5.30pm by the time the puppies were packed into their crates, half an hour after we officially closed ‘shop’.  Even then as the crates were being loaded onto the trolleys a couple asked if they could have a look as they were interested in adopting.  I did think about it for a second, but then said no, it was time to go.

This is the sweet mother dog at Tai Po. A couple of mother dog's babies. You can't tell what they will look like at this age.


2 Responses to “Sun 6th June: Sunday Puppy Sunday”

  1. Jade Says:

    Glad to know that Kiki was homed.

  2. Helen Y Says:

    Hi Sally,

    I hope the outdoor houses are properly anchored onto the ground, as during typhoon they could fly up as the house are not loaded with heavy storage but only dogs’ beds and dogs, and with the doors opened?

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