Sat 5th June: Gypsy needs help

I woke to find my desk – or somewhere – had been raided during the night and only the “bones” were left as evidence.  Empty Heartgard boxes, the chewed plastic tube that used to contain anti-diarrhoea paste, bulldog clips (for keeping paperwork together) scattered around the chewed container they were in, plus other random bits of metal.  I’m not even sure where all of these things were, only that a certain Minky or (probably) Sparkle had found them too hard to resist.  I’d worry about their health if it wasn’t for the fact that they’ve already eaten the equivalent to a whole house without suffering any side effects.

I thought I was going to have to go over to Hong Kong with the two poodles (Kenzo and Kiki), but after having spoken to the potential adopter we agreed that Sunday at Whiskers’n’Paws would be more convenient for both of us.  So instead I had an unexpected, but very welcome, day at home.  It would have been a more pleasant experience if it wasn’t for the fact that I have four puppies in the enclosure next to my desk. 

They came as two pairs, the first couple having established residence before the second two arrived.  I had mentioned previously how impressed I was that the babies were already taking themselves out onto the balcony for their toilet needs, only a day after they came back with me.  However, when I brought the new ones in they were a little bit timid, and decided that they would live on the balcony and sleep in a little dog house out there, rather than inside like the others.  So while Couple No 1 live inside and poo outside, Couple No 2 do the reverse, the result of which is a very stinky and dirty living area right next to where I’m sitting.   As quickly as I change the towels that they lie on, they are “marked”.  Puppies seem to have an endless supply of poo.

Romany is adopted

Sweet puppy Romany was adopted at Tai Po today.  She is the sister of Gypsy, the puppy I have on Lamma who needs to have surgery on both of her front legs.  This needs to be done as soon as possible and I’m just waiting for a foster home to materialise before going ahead.  She’s growing fast, and if the surgery can be done while she is still in the growing stage the chances of it being successful are far greater.  Both of her front “wrists” are affected and the operation to try and fix them is complicated and difficult.  Gypsy is a very sweet girl with a funny, crooked face, something her brother also had.  I don’t know why some of the litter were affected in this way, as the leg problems are certainly genetic.  At first the vet thought the brother had a broken jaw because of his lop-sided grin, but as Gypsy has the same I think we can assume that’s also the way they were born. 

Gypsy's wrist problems weren't really evident when she first arrived

At this point, Gypsy uses her front legs as little as possible and sits upright in a very appealing meerkat-like way, but as she grows her legs will start to twist.  Can you foster this sweet puppy so she can have the surgery she needs?

It's impossible to know which of the two schnauzers this was but both now look totally different

Look at these short clips of little Elspeth out for a walk with her foster sister, Amy (also from HKDR).  This was one of the schnauzers that were in such terrible condition with solid matted hair.  Elspeth’s eyes were glued shut, and her foster says she was terrified of everything, even the sound of birds singing.  What a difference proper care and love can make in such a short time:

Elspeth enjoyed the 2-hr-hike very much.

One Response to “Sat 5th June: Gypsy needs help”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    Romany is ultra sweeet and very easy going, deserves the best home.

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