Thurs 3rd June: Not as planned

I had the day all mapped out until a vet emergency at Tai Po scuppered everything.  Having just taken on a van driver to help with vet runs, deliveries/collections and staff pick-ups from Tai Wo station, the plan was that Kathy would come with the van and driver so she could show him where all the important places were on Hong Kong Island, such as my sampan point and Pokfulam AFCD.  Being a Tai Po man, which is handy for both us and him, the van driver isn’t familiar with Hong Kong so needed a guide for this first trip.  After picking me up we would then go on to AFCD, get the dogs that I’d already earmarked for homing and then take them back to Tai Po.

However, as Kathy had to take a dog to the vet in Tai Po it meant she wasn’t free to come to Hong Kong and we had to cancel the plan.  I needed to go to AFCD anyway as I had two small dogs that had to be licensed, so I made my own way there by taxi.  I also had three baby pups ready for their first vaccinations, and intended taking them to the vet after I’d finished at AFCD. 

However, it was obviously a day when nothing was going to go as planned.  I had a look at the new intake and was dismayed to find that there were a whole load of recent additions, including a lovely mother dog and her litter of newborn pups.  I reserved them all. 

Then the next kennel, another pretty young black girl, timid, but that’s to be expected.  I opened the gate and went in, talking to the dog in a low voice and keeping my distance, as I always do.  The way a dog reacts to this is a very good indication of its character and whether or not it’s going to be homeable.  The signs were good: head down, looking away and licking of lips, all of which are submissive.  The next test – holding out my hand.  The dog may back off, raise a lip in warning or, as happened, stretch out its head to sniff.   I know this dog will be fine and is only scared.  Another one reserved.

Saying yes to a dog is the easy part.  The hard part is having to walk by while a dog’s eyes are following you, and I can’t look at them.  They know, I am sure of that. There were two young puppies in with an old dog, and I had to reach past him to get the youngsters.  There is nothing left for him but to wait until “the day”, and it won’t be long.

With the two dogs I had brought for licensing (very cute poodle/dachshund crosses), plus the three babies and the two new puppies, I was ready to take them all to the vet for vaccinations.  I hadn’t made an appointment because I didn’t know what time I could be there or how many dogs I would have, knowing that there may well be at least one or two that I would be adding to the collection.  The taxi driver asked where I wanted to go while I was on the phone calling vet number one.  First appointment available was 5.30pm, and it was only 2.30pm.  Next vet, no answer and I remembered they don’t open until 4pm.  Third vet also no luck, so with that I gave up and told the driver to take me to the sampan point.

It wasn’t exactly a wasted journey as I had at least got the two dogs microchipped and licensed, and had saved two puppies (and reserved a few others), but now I face the prospect of having to collect the dogs from AFCD, take them to Tai Po, and get the puppies to a vet tomorrow afternoon instead.  This time I’ll make sure I have an appointment in advance.

We lost Mikey today.  Rest in peace little guy.


4 Responses to “Thurs 3rd June: Not as planned”

  1. Yolanda Says:

    What a shock! What had happened to Mikey. I sensed something in the beginning of this post something might have happened in the kennel when you mentioned Kathy needed to go to Tai Poi vet for emergency.

    Due to the rain last Sunday, we didn’t take Mikey to walk before we go and we promised we would take him this week…..Poor guy. He was such a sweety. He was with us in Kennedy Town in the mass adoption.

    Mikey: no matter what’d happened to you. You are free now. Enjoy all the play in the rainbow bridge. You will be missed. Rest in peace.

  2. Mia Says:

    It’s heartbreaking to know that many dogs cannot be saved. What a shame!

  3. Ella Says:

    What happened to Mikey?
    He was such a lovely dog.
    RIP Mikey.

    • Sally Says:

      We don’t really know what happened but another dog attacked Mikey. This is the downside of the dogs having so much space and freedom, and we’re trying to get more enclosures built and to identify the dogs that are the troublemakers.

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