Mon 31st May: On desexing

No more puppies for sweet Kiki

I took the new poodle girl to AFCD to be licensed before going on to SPCA to have her checked and vaccinated.  Kiki is an adorable little dog who was used by her previous owners for (home) breeding before being given to us, presumably because of her yeasty, infected skin and maybe because she has a lump on her head too.  She is in season but she will be desexed tomorrow anyway, as well as having the lump removed.  There is no way this poor dog is going to be used as a money maker again.

Queenie had puppies only four weeks ago

We got another little dog in (now in a foster home) who had also been used for breeding.  Pug Queenie had her last litter only one month ago and the pups have already been taken from her, and are probably sitting in some dreadful pet shop waiting to be separated from their siblings too.  Puppies should be at least two months old before being taken from their mothers, and it’s no wonder so many pet shop puppies die, and/or have behaviour issues later in life.  It’s heartbreaking.

We had two doglets returned to us today.  They are eight months old and were adopted as puppies.  Apart from the fact that these poor young dogs have to face being in “kennels” after having been brought up in a home, the female isn’t yet desexed.  Why?  Apparently the vet told the owners that she needed to have a season before it should be done.  What??  Such shocking ignorance in a vet should have him or her struck off.  This is how “accidents” happen, and why so many unwanted puppies are born.

I also got an email from a woman who wants to re-home her young chihuahua.  Leaving aside the reasons, I asked if the dog, a male, was desexed and she said no, and she didn’t want to do it because it was cruel and changed a dog’s character.  As an already mature dog it won’t actually have that much effect on the dog, but if it does it would only be beneficial.  Who wants to have their leg or cushions humped anyway?

If I had my way desexing would be made compulsory.  Neutering or castration for a male is such a simple and quick operation which takes a few minutes to do.  To see some men squirm and clutch their “bits” at the mention of the word, you’d think it was being done to them.  There are so many benefits to having a male dog neutered that I just don’t understand why anyone would object.  Even if some men like to see their dog with balls because it’s more “manly”, there is a chemical castration available which leaves the testicles intact.

For a female, spaying stops the dog coming into season and prevents mammary tumours and pyometra (infected uterus), both of which are common in bitches that haven’t been desexed.  To have to deal with the blood, and the lusty males that are attracted to a female in season, isn’t something that I would think anyone enjoys.

However, the most important thing about desexing is that it stops unwanted puppies from being born.  It drives me crazy to hear dog owners say that their dog wants to be a daddy or a mother.   They want sex, that’s all.  And how cruel is it to keep a dog intact and not allow it to fulfil its most basic instinctive need?  Desexing removes all desire and makes for a much happier and healthier animal, and stops the never-ending number of puppies, most of whom are destined only to be abandoned and die of disease or starvation, or killed by AFCD.


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