Sun 30th May: A very wet Sunday

The rain that was supposed to come last Sunday (but didn’t) made its appearance this week instead.  During the sampan crossing from Lamma to Ap Lei Chau it was torrential, a complete white-out, and I was wondering how on earth I was going to get the puppies to Horizon Plaza.  The travel crates provide little shelter from rain, and even though the walk from the waterfront to Whiskers’n’Paws is only a few minutes, that would be long enough for everyone to get soaked through.  By some miracle, as the sampan approached land, the rain stopped and we arrived safe and dry.  The puppies even had time to have a good run around on the terrace before we had to move inside.

While I was at my regular Sunday location, a group of small dogs from Tai Po were at the Cutty Sark Pub in Soho, also hoping to find homes. Three were lucky enough to be chosen (pug Astro, pom Rocky and Elvira the dachshund), while Fizzy the (ex-matted) schnauzer was taken on a foster basis.  Although more would have been nice, it was still a good result given the rain and the fact that the dogs were outside in the small garden area.

Of course, no matter how many dogs are adopted there are always newcomers to take their places.  I had agreed to accept three baby pups that had been found, so although I homed one of them on the spot (they are the gorgeous fluffy variety) as well as one of my older puppies, I still ended up with more than I’d arrived with.

On top of that, I had asked for a newly surrendered poodle girl to be sent over as I had an adopter who wanted both her and Kenzo, a male poodle I had on Lamma.  The would-be adopter failed to turn up, so both poodles made the trip back to Lamma together.  Strangely they both have the same skin problem and are the same age, so they do make a good pair.  The girl was surrendered because the owner lived in public housing, but I think the truth was that they didn’t want her any more because of her (smelly) skin, and the fact that she is in season, plus she has a lump on her head (which I only discovered during the afternoon).  Other than that, she is the sweetest little dog and will be fine after her minor issues are sorted out.  Update:  I just heard from Mark, who was at Tai Po when the poodle was surrendered, that the two unsavioury men who brought her in said they had used her for breeding and sold the puppies to pet shops.  She hasn’t been licensed or vaccinated.  This is “hobby” breeding, and why it should be made illegal.  The government think it’s perfectly acceptable.

With the move to Tai Po there were inevitably going to be some changes, and one of those is that both myself and Mark, the trainer (who does a lot more besides), can’t be at “kennels” as often as we’d like.  This has meant that Kathy (kennel manager) and Alice (adoptions and training) are having to cover all of the work between them, and while they do an amazing job we need another person on board now.  Alice will be putting her dog training qualification to good use as she moves over to full time trainer status, which means we need someone to take over the adoptions job.  The person we are looking for will have to love dogs of course, but must also be able to deal confidently with potential adopters.  That means being able to assess the prospective home and recommend the perfect dog to match.  It also means being able to say no when necessary, and to deal with surrenders.  It’s not an easy job but there is a great sense of satisfaction when the dogs go to great homes, and you will also be part of a team that are all working together for the same purpose.

The pay isn’t great and the hours are long, and you will get disheartened at times, but if you would like to join the HKDR team and help to save dogs’ lives, please email me or just leave a message on this blog.


2 Responses to “Sun 30th May: A very wet Sunday”

  1. Jade Says:

    It really was a wet day! My daughters and I climbed all the escalators to Cutty Sark, wet both inside and outside!
    Nice to see so many dogs. They are cute and warm! Nice to hear that a number of them get homed.
    A bit lost as we could not see Fizzy, and learned little news about Kenzo.

  2. Yuk Chi Says:

    Read the story about Gus. How could the owners surrender this lovely dog because they didn’t want him any more? How could they do such a thing to a dog who gave them 5 years of loyal companionship? This is really sad.

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