Sat 29th May: Frisbee’s day out

I knew that I had a few meetings that I had to arrange for the day, so tying them all in needed some arrangement.  First stop was Whiskers’n’Paws where I had arranged to meet potential adopters for Frisbee, the French bulldog who had been left at Petworld along with a few others after their owner disappeared (owing a lot of money).  I’d taken Frisbee out of the kennels as he had a relapse of tick fever, a disease he had previously been treated for  using a human malaria drug but it hadn’t fully eradicated the parasite.   This means that Frisbee may have occasional symptoms similar to malaria, but they can be treated with antibiotics.  

Although they had been told in advance of the meeting, I explained the situation regarding the tick fever with the potential adopters, as well as telling them about Frisbee and his personality.  He’s a typical Frenchie in that he’s a funny, energetic and affectionate dog who usually gets on with other dogs (he shares his Lamma home with many), but can take a dislike to some.  The couple were particularly looking for a French bulldog, and said they would take Frisbee on a week’s trial.  Since I had another appointment to get to, I handed the dog over and said my goodbyes.

I was just about to leave my subsequent meeting when I got a call from the couple who had taken Frisbee.  They said that he was a lovely dog but they were afraid that he would infect other dogs with tick fever, and they often spent weekends with other peoples’ dogs.  I had already explained that tick fever doesn’t pass from dog to dog like an infectious disease (such as kennel cough), and as it happened I had just bumped into a vet friend and I passed the phone over so he could reassure them too.  But no, they wanted to return Frisbee and that was that. 

I was supposed to be going on to meet a visiting friend who was leaving for the UK that night, but instead I agreed to take Frisbee back to Lamma and told the couple where I take the sampan from so they could drop him off.  It was while I was waiting that the sky darkened and the wind started to whip up the leaves, and by the time the taxi appeared carrying Frisbee the rain was pouring down and I was already drenched.   The sampans wouldn’t take me to Lamma because of the squall, and all I could do was find some shelter until it passed.  Frisbee and I finally got on a sampan when the  tide was just about at its lowest level meaning that it was a scramble across the rocks at the other side to get home.  I reckon that was the shortest adoption on record.

It was a quiet day at Tai Po, and I just hope the rain doesn’t affect the mini adoption event for small dogs tomorrow.  It’s a long way out to Tai Po for a lot of people, so I hope that bringing the dogs to Hong Kong Island will help them find homes.  I posted some photos on yesterday’s blog, and here are some more.

Gus is a great character, happy, friendly and up for any adventure

Rocky is the sweet little guy who arrived from AFCD on Friday


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