Fri 28th May: Tai Po and the Wine Walk

I finally made it up to Tai Po today, courtesy of Gloria and via AFCD Sheung Shui where there was a little pom waiting to be picked up.  We already had Turbo in the car, the shih tzu I got from the Pokfulam AFCD on Thursday, and we found out pretty quickly that the new pom had ideas of being a rottweiler rather than a tiny, fluffy thing.  Luckily he was happy to perch on my lap in the front while Turbo snoozed on the back seat for the drive to Tai Po.  Anyway it gave me the idea of Rocky as a name (after the fighter).

I haven’t been to Tai Po for a few days and there has been a lot of work going on in that time, such as the installation of yet more gates and fencing, and sun/rain shelters dotted about the place.  The dogs seem to be quite settled now, and the majority of them get along well with maybe the odd squabble now and then but nothing too serious.

Tai Tai and Po Po, the two puppies brought in on the first day of our occupation, were inside the house with the small dogs, and had obviously been having fun ripping one of the old leather-look armchairs apart.  There is a gaping hole in the front now, with the tempting foam filling exposed.  The chair won’t survive for much longer if the pups have their way. 

While newbie pom Rocky was strutting around making his presence known, I was making a mental list of the small dogs that should be sent to Sunday’s mini adoption event at the Cutty Sark pub on Elgin Street, Soho.  We have a pretty wide selection now, and that’s not counting the dogs in foster homes or on Lamma.

My list, assuming they’re not adopted by then, would include the new boy Rocky (after a wash to get rid of the distinctive AFCD smell), and sweet dachshund girl, Elvira, whose story I told in a previous blog entry, plus:

Gus, a lovely peke who was adopted from us five years ago and recently returned, just because they didn’t want him any more.  He’s a great character.

Willy, super-cute and lovely

Willy, a super-cute terrier cross who’s really lovely but not good with small dogs (his terrier mind sees them all as vermin, I think).

Fizzy, ready for a home now

Fizzy, one of the two mini schnauzers that I took from AFCD in a terrible condition.  Once washed and shaved, they were transformed into very pretty little dogs, and sweet natured too.  “Sister” Elspeth is still in a foster home where her eye ulcer is being treated.

Jazzy is a sweet and happy girl now

Jazzy, a young corgi cross girl who was very shy to start with but who has come out of her shell now to show her sweet and friendly nature.

I hope by the time the weekend’s over at least some of these sweet little dogs will be in new homes.  That’s what it’s all about, after all.

A busy evening at Ann Devine .......

I had to leave Tai Po reasonably early so I could make it to the Wine Walk in good time.  I was too late for the pre-event briefing, but I met up with volunteer Linda in my assigned venue in Staunton Street, having made a quick change en route.  Photos of the evening’s various venues are already posted on our Facebook page thanks to the ever-present and tireless HKDR Photography Club members.  How do they do it?

Look behind you!!

Volunteer Peggy


One Response to “Fri 28th May: Tai Po and the Wine Walk”

  1. Jade Says:

    Learn from the posts that you’ve been very busy after moving. Wish all the things will be settled soon, and wish to see you on Sunday! I’ve filled in adoption form on Friday. My daughters and I are longing to see the little dogs!

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