Thurs 27th May: A tale of two sofas

I miss the old kennels.  It’s very hard being so far away and not even being able to email, and having only intermittent phone contact.  When are PCCW going to pull their fingers out and get us connected?  So many people are complaining that we never answer the phone or are slow in replying to emails, and we’re just as frustrated at the thought that we are missing potential adopters.  Kathy and Alice are having to do all e-mailing early in the morning before leaving for Tai Po, or after they get home in the evening.  It makes for a very long day for them.

It was another day away from Tai Po for me.  I had arranged to meet someone at Pokfulam AFCD to help get two ex-Cheung Chau puppies out, and while there I was told a microchipped shih tzu I’d reserved had been cleared for re-homing.  I hadn’t been expecting to take any dogs, but since I was there anyway and the little guy had already been waiting some time, I didn’t want to leave him any longer.  Being licensed, the dog’s age was shown and I was very surprised to find that he was eleven years old, as he’s a perky little thing with bright eyes and no indication of his mature years.  A subsequent vet check also found him to be in good shape, and with a bath and a haircut he’ll be good as new.

There was also some bank stuff to see to, including deposits for our new range of T-shirts and tops.  We’ve been working on these for a while, and I hope you’re going to like them.  All I’ll say is that they are reminders of the Pokfulam days and will be part of a whole “souvenir” series of products.  All will be revealed soon when the first batch arrive.

I had a very bad night’s sleep the other night worrying about the dogs and the future of HKDR, and as often happens there was a niggling thought stuck in my mind that refused to go away.  We had been given two sofas recently, very nice and in good-as-new condition, and I had planned for them to go into what I call the “human room”, meaning the upstairs bedroom that is reserved for volunteers who want to stay overnight.  However, we couldn’t get them up the stairs and round the corner, so although the cushions were taken inside, the bases were left sitting out in the driveway.  It was this thought that was bothering me so much, and silly as it was it was keeping me awake.  So in the morning I asked if some strong guys could pull the sofas up from the outside (this is how I have to get furniture into my Lamma house), rather than leave them outside to be ruined by rain.  Now thanks to Mark and Maxwell (who thought he was going to fixing computers), we have two very nice sofas installed, and I won’t have to worry about it any more.

Aaaaah! Worth the effort!


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