Weds 26th May: The dogs return

Today was the day that the first batch of returnees arrived at Tai Po after their holiday at Petworld.  We had been studying the list of names and wondering where they would all go, as a lot of these dogs had been chosen for private boarding for a reason.  Some of them are timid dogs that tend to get bullied in a group, and others are the bullies.  Now they needed to be introduced into an environment where they would have to share with a lot of other dogs, so placing them was important.  It was left to Alice and Kathy, once again, to deal with as I had a list of other things I had to do.

The first of these wasn’t related to dogs at all, it was that I needed to renew my passport (even though I haven’t travelled for many years).  A friend told me that there were new rules about photos (like no smiling) and I should use the booth at the Consulate.  So I turned up in the morning as required, and headed for the photo booth in the corner of the passport section.  The woman attendant pointed to the unsmiling sample photo and said “No teeth”.  Yes, I know.  Sitting on the tiny stool, there was the familiar blinding flash and that was it, but when the photos came out I had no hair!  I know my hair is very blonde, but with the white background and intense light of the flash, it had completely disappeared and all that was left was a face in the middle of a sea of white.  I thought that passport photos were supposed to be a form of indentification, so I don’t understand why there’s a “no teeth” rule (surely teeth are a good means of identifying someone), or why a passport office would use a photo booth that produced ridiculously over-exposed photos.  I would have thought my hair would be a necessary inclusion, and it is certainly is for me even if not for the passport office. 

I had several other errands to attend to, including picking up the signed tenancy agreement for the Tai Po house, and re-applying for internet banking at HSBC after my first attempt had failed (just couldn’t get the system to accept the passwords).

Then it was on to the Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC) where I met up with Claudia, the photographer for this year’s Tribute Book 3, and Tilly, who’s in charge of the actual production. Together we went through all of the photographs to select those which will appear in the book, and I can tell you it’s going to be beautiful.  Some of you may already have seen a sample of Claudia’s work on Facebook, where Claire Buckley posted the link for her session with Jay, just a week before he was lost at the airport and subsequently found dead.  So these photos are a poignant reminder of a life lost, and the love between a woman and her dog. To view the photos, go to Claudia’s website (link below), then click on Client Preview and enter the password: claire323

The book will be launched on October 12th, and we’ll obviously be reminding everyone before the actual date.

Larry needs a home urgently

Going back to Petworld (and thanks to them for taking such good care of the dogs), there are some other dogs there that need help, including one that is still officially an HKDR dog.  Larry the almost-bulldog was taken a while back by someone who also adopted several French bulldogs. (One of those was Frisbee, already back on Lamma).  There was a bit of a drama with the whole situation, involving an ex-girfriend and varying accounts of who had done what and who should have the dogs, but to cut a long story short, all the dogs ended up at Petworld for a couple of weeks while the guy went away on business.  And never came back, having in the meantime run up a huge bill. I took Frisbee back because he had tick fever (all OK now), but Larry and the others are still at Petworld, who are very kindly keeping the dogs even though they know they will never be paid.  However, all good things must come to an end and with the high season round the corner, Larry and the others will have to go.  Larry is a lovely dog, still only a year old, but he is built like a tank and isn’t a hundred percent bulldog so doesn’t appeal to “real” bulldog lovers. We can’t recommend him for a home with young children simply because of his lumbering enthusiam (and this applies to all the bulldog breeds), but please, can someone give Larry a home?


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