Tues 25th May: A major task completed

I already knew what was in store for me today after yesterday’s AFCD visit.  I had planned to arrange a van to meet me at Pokfulam (the HKDR van is now based at Tai Po), but as volunteer Gloria offered to drive us in her car instead it wasn’t necessary.  I had also recruited Michelle to help, another long-term and experienced volunteer, and we arrived at the Animal Management Centre as they opened after lunch.

Thinking that we would be going in a van I had brought three travel crates with me from Lamma, but looking at the size of Gloria’s car and the three humans that also had to fit inside I knew this wasn’t going to work. Anyway, we had to get the dogs out first.

I had planned on taking the schnauzer and the shih tzu/terrier, but was told that neither were available yet as the release forms hadn’t been completed. As both dogs are microchipped, the registered owner needs to be traced and an official surrender form signed.  If there is no reply to phone calls, a registered letter is sent to the address on the license, and it is only when this is returned undelivered that the dog can be released for re-homing.  Unfortunately for the dogs themselves, this can mean a long wait.  The schnauzer was already showing signs of having been in kennels for some time and his skin, often a problem with the breed, was starting to look pretty grim.  In medical cases like this I’m able to take the dogs out for treatment, though not for re-homing, so I asked to do that for the schnauzer.

The surrendered golden retriever and his black (almost) retriever “sister” were easy.  It was just a matter of putting collars on and leading them out of the kennel but the short-legged “border collie” and another young mongrel girl needed to be crated as both were very nervous.

So working out the car space and dividing by the number of dogs we already had, we were at capacity.  Gloria was driving, of course, and I sat in the front passenger seat with the schnauzer at my feet, while poor Michelle had to share the back seat with an overweight and very large golden retriever plus the black female.  The two crates just fitted in the back, but the third one had to stay behind for future use.  Throughout the drive to Tai Po the retriever had his head on Gloria’s shoulder and drooled and slobbered with excitement.  I think I got the best deal.

When we arrived at Tai Po a visiting vet was there, vaccinating the dogs that needed it and administering ProHeart injections to doglets who were now adult and had reached their ultimate size.  The dosage for this heartworm prevention is based on weight, so it can’t be given to dogs that are still growing.  Now at least we won’t have to give Heartgard to a lot of dogs that until now needed their monthly heartworm prevention orally.   Still,  Alice and Kathy had to find all of the dogs on the long list Kathy had prepared, and that takes some doing in the huge area that the dogs now have to roam in especially when so many look alike.

Having a vet on site meant that all of the new dogs could be vaccinated immediately, even though it’s likely that the retriever pair at least were already protected.  We rarely get any medical history with dogs that come from AFCD so have to work on the basis that nothing has been done.

Thanks to Dr Samuel of Cosmo Clinic for offering his services today.   It was a huge task and by the end of the afternoon over thirty dogs had been given a Proheart injection, and over thirty had been vaccinated (against infectious diseases).  If only there was a vaccination against ticks, we would be laughing.


One Response to “Tues 25th May: A major task completed”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    BIG thank you to Dr. Samuel. You are super.

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