Sun 23rd May: An unexpectedly dry day

The rain that was forecast for today never materialised, at least not on Lamma or over Horizon Plaza, a blessing for the afternoon’s regular puppy adoption event.  However, thinking that we might have to be inside for the duration, the slightly older puppies stayed at home and I only took the youngsters, including Lexus, the puppy with the broken leg. 

At Whiskers’n’Paws we were joined by two foster puppies, Wendy and Shona, sisters to the two brothers (Leo and Lewis) I had on Lamma, and there was instant recognition followed by non-stop games of chase.  I never get tired of watching the puppies having so much fun, racing round and round in a line, their orange “adopt me” bandanas round their necks.

Another young foster pup, Galaxy, came to join the party and by end of play I had “sold out” of my stock of babies, even Lexus, who had been adopted with both of his siblings!  I didn’t go back with an empty travel crate though, as Shona and Wendy moved to Lamma with their brothers, making it easier for next Sunday’s gathering.  There’s definitely a “perfect” age for puppy adoptions, and that’s eight to ten weeks.  At that stage the pups are still at their cutest, but are old enough to leave their siblings and start their own life.  Ideally I like to wait until puppies are around three months old before they are separated, but by then they’re just starting to lose that chubby charm, so a bit younger is fine. 

Sweet little Vinnie

At Tai Po, where we are still marooned without any means of contact other than by mobile phone – and even that’s sporadic – the two poodles, Vinnie and Puddle, were adopted together.  They had been brought to us by a woman who said that one of the boys had come from a breeder, and the other found on the street, but seeing the pair together and how close they were, I found this hard to swallow.  In fact the adopters told us that they knew the dogs, and that they had indeed been living together (in a cage), and when the couple heard that the poodles had been surrendered to HKDR they were happy to offer them a home.

Big "brother" Puddle

Karen will be extending her holiday at Petworld

The dogs that went into private boarding at Petworld for the period of our move from Pokfulam to Tai Po are now due to come back to us.  One or two lucky (?) dogs will be staying on however, as their sponsors want them to wait a bit longer, at least until all the work at Tai Po is completed.  I put the question mark after “lucky” because this is always a difficult choice.  Dogs that are at our centre are available to be seen by potential adopters, so have a chance of finding homes.  Dogs that aren’t there, unless they are sought-after types like young small breeds, won’t.  Still, the dogs have been very happy at Petworld, and their day will come I’m sure.  So of course I said yes when asked if this was OK.  Maybe someone visiting the boarding kennels will see the dogs still there and want to adopt them.  Stranger things have happened.

Beefy is apparently a very popular boy at Petworld and will be staying on

Just in case you missed yesterday’s great news, lost dog Slipper is now back with her foster-turned-adopter, Kathryn, and is none the worse for her adventure.  As expected, she hadn’t gone far from the point where she got lost, and our experience of runaway dogs over the past few years indicates that this is what normally happens.  Unless a dog has an idea of where it is and can find its way home from that point, it will almost certainly stay within the area it finds itself in.  The trouble is finding that particular area, especially if the dog was in a panic when it first escaped and blindly ran in any direction.  Dogs that have just recently been adopted or gone to foster homes are really vulnerable as they don’t have a sense of belonging to any particular place.  Please take care if you have a new dog, and don’t let it off the leash until you are absolutely sure the dog has bonded with you, and make sure the leash is strong and the collar or harness tight enough that the dog can’t slip out.  We still have three dogs that are missing, and with every day the chance of finding them lessens.


2 Responses to “Sun 23rd May: An unexpectedly dry day”

  1. Helen Wong Says:

    Sally, I spoke to some senior managment in PCCW for you and he has checked that wireless phone can be provided at the Tai Po site. I understand that PCCW staff has been in contact with your team at Tai Po. Please let me know how it all goes and I may be able to help further if need be. Cheers Helen

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