Fri 21st May: Buddha’s big day

I had such a backlog of paperwork to do that I decided to stay home and tackle it rather than make the trek out to Tai Po.  Things like this year’s Peak to Fong are already in the planning stages (28th November if you want to make a note), as well as other events like the Tribute Book launch party, not to mention the book itself, now starting on the production and photo selection.  We also have a lot of new HKDR products coming to add to our online store selection, and other bits and pieces which are part of the ongoing HKDR organisation.  Luckily (for me) there are many support volunteers to handle the actual nuts and bolts of events and merchandise, and we all have our input, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Apart from the above, finding a new permanent site where we can build our HKDR Homing Centre is still uppermost in my mind.  There are things happening but I don’t want to give any details because we have been disappointed so many time before.  Only when – and if – we have signed on the dotted line will anything be revealed.  In the meantime work continues at Tai Po, and with some urgency now that we have seen that there isn’t enough shelter for all the dogs in heavy rain.  With the typhoon season not too far off, it’s vital that everything is sorted out in time.

Keeping an eye on the HKDR Facebook pages is part of my daily routine, and there are always so many dogs and puppies needing help and homes.  I wonder what happens to them all eventually, as it’s impossible that they are all lucky enough to be adopted, and even if they get taken as babies so many are thrown out again when they grow.  There was one unbearably sad story posted today, one which made my blood boil with anger.  Read this:

Sent to be killed for digging holes in the garden

“My neighbor dog want to re-home, caused this dog was lived in a big garden and she’s like to dig a hole in garden. But the owner cannot accepted her behaviour due to damage the green garden. Therefore, her owner want to find her a new home. She’s good nature & happy girl.

She’s was vaccinated, desexed. Good nature. Please give her a chance. I don’t know the owner can keep her how long.

Pls send email to if anyone have interest for her.

(The owner was abandoned this poor dog in dog kennel at Yuen Long. I don’t know where is go to?) Confirmed by the owner on yesterday.

Bad news updated from the owner email as below:
Re: Fw: Puppy Photos (The dog love to dig a hole)2010年5月20日 星期四 下午11:32
寄件人: 此寄件人已經過 DomainKeys 核查”paul law” <lawtfpaul xxxxxxxx>查看聯絡人資料收件人: “ANGEL WONG” <>
Dear Angel,

Sorry for this late reply, since I have just read my email messages. Many thanks for the article on “How to Solve the Digging Problem” which is quite useful. For your information, we have already released custody of the Puppy to The Animal Control Centre of Northern New Territories.

Best regards,


If you can’t get the gist of the message, it’s basically that this gentleman took his sweet and lovely doglet to be killed at AFCD because it dared to dig holes in his lawn.  “Jess Angel” offered to help, but as you can see it was all too late. What can you say about someone who thinks a perfect lawn is worth more than a dog’s life?  What warped sense of values has this man got?  I was  devastated on reading this, and so angry.  If I had known that this would be the outcome I would have taken the poor dog in.  All she wanted was to have some fun, and she died for it.  What can I say other than words truly fail me.

On top of that, this dog was sent to AFCD and was killed.  Why wasn’t HKDR informed, when I have made it clear that we will take homeable dogs like this?  Shame on the vet that did this.  And shame on the whole rotten system.


16 Responses to “Fri 21st May: Buddha’s big day”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Anyone that ‘releases custody’ of their dog to AFCD to be killed, should be made to stay and watch as the vet kills their pet. Shameful….

  2. Jennifer Says:

    WHAT!? shame on paul!

    I cant believe that guy didnt even show a shed of emotion about giving up the puppy.

    digging a hole in the ground is a dog’s nature…..i hope paul gets punished some day for doing something which seemingly shows human instinct. this world has way too many jerks like mr paul law

  3. ken cheung Says:

    Wow, Paul should have known and prepared to accept his dog to dig holes in the gardens. What a stupid man he is to give up and kill his dog for that. Has he got a wife and/or kids? Would he give up his wife and kids for they eat and leave food in his garden?

  4. Diana Lee Says:

    What a CRUEL being who weigh materials, money, time so much higher than a precious life. Sure he will pass the same value to his children (if he got any) and his children will send this jerk to the same place one day. I feel pity for him!!

  5. Nami Says:

    I believe karma and retribution. what he did today will all come back to him in near future. If one day when he been betray, abandon or kill by the person that he love.
    I hope he will realize why he get such tragic happen.
    confess and repent!!

    Poor dog… at least his soul is free and peace.

  6. suekuok Says:

    I would like to cut off his balls and feed it to the dogs. A man without a soul, that’s what he is, he’s not even fit to be called an an animal, he will pay for it dearly in due time! As for the vet and the govt dept that did this, F— them!!!

  7. Paula Walker Says:

    Speechless with anger, but is this not typical of Hong Kong? It’s all money, material goods and personal convenience here. I agree with Rachel – anyone this heartless should be made to stay and watch them kill the poor animal. Might make them realise what surrendering to AFCD actually means – a death sentence. (Unless they are lucky enough to be given a second chance by the likes of Sally)

    May his hideous, blood soaked lawn wither and become infested with ticks, snakes and rats. And may monkeys rip off his door knobs for good measure.

  8. Helen Yeung Says:

    Please feel free to post anywhere you like Sally.

    Paul T F Law:
    Your name is not worth a mention, But I will congratulate you on earning your first priority on the list to hell. You will be cursed, swore at and the negative force will be around you. You are an axxhoxe and you won’t feel insulted cause you are a breathing piece of junk. SHAME on you and your family.

    AFCD Vet:
    Your name is not worth mention neither, but you have disgraced your own profession, you smeared innocent blood on your animal doctor title, still remembered your vow when you start vet studies, are you not supposed to save and cure? You wasted your country’s resources, your parents’ expectation (hopefully they are not around to know about this), you disqualified yourself as a vet, you failed as a person. Shame on you, go home, We don’t need you, Hong Kong don’t need you. I am a tax payor, I am telling you off. Get out of this land.

  9. emiri ikeda Says:

    we need to forward this story to everybody we know. so this twisted mind ‘paul law’ of new territory who terminated happy innocent small life for his vanity will be known all over hong kong and will not be dealt with respect ever in future.

  10. Eu Says:

    oh my god, so this dog has passed her 4 days in AFCD? my goodness. it really makes me feel “fear” since dog playing led her straight to death. and worst of all, those people feel nothing about this horrific act. what kind of world are we living in? those days with concentration camps and one laugh will lead you to the gas chambers?! damp it! AFCD gotta have more flexible system in classifying the in-coming dogs! if the dogs are friendly and re-homable, please really make the effort to help them! not giving them the shot!! I am a really angry tax payer now.

  11. chinaman Says:

    Paul Law, words alone cannot express our responses to your moronic, selfish and cruel act, we would all like to chop you up with a meat cleaver and feed you to the dogs but that would be too easy. I curse all your future off-springs to die with much suffering with incurable diseases, and you yourself, rot to hell. You are a disgrace to the human race and should leap to your death from the top of any tall building to hopefully arrive in eternity space where you can beg your dog for forgiveness. Even though you don’t deserve it.

  12. lyla Says:

    Can you please print the name of the vet who did this? I want to make sure my owner NEVER take me there and spend her hard earned money on cold blooded ‘so-called-professionals’ like him or her. Any other names of infamous vets to avoid also welcome. They dont deserve to make money from the vulnerable animals like me who cant speak out

  13. Sunita Says:

    What BS! The only person who deserved to be euthanised was this supposedly-human Paul Law… May he and his like rot in hell for thinking they can make a decision about a dog’s life.

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