Thurs 20th May: A personal day

I didn’t go up to Tai Po today as I had various things I needed to do (completely forgetting that Friday is a public holiday).  Maria had arranged for my two baby puppies to go to a foster home and we set a time of 2.30pm to meet at the place where I get off the sampan. In the usual panic to get everything packed up for the handover (food, milk powder etc), I forgot that I had left my mobile phone on charge and only realised once I was halfway across the Lamma channel.  Thinking that it didn’t really matter as the meeting place and time had been confirmed that morning, I wasn’t too concerned and decided against going back to get it.

I arrived at the designated meeting place on time, and as the foster wasn’t there I sat down to wait, making sure the pups’ crate was in the shade. The minutes passed and there was still no sign of anyone, and I began to wonder how long I should wait.  I mentally made a deadline of 3pm, thinking that if nobody had showed up by then I would just have to go back home.  Without a phone there was no way on contacting anyone to find out if the foster was having trouble finding the place, or if something had happened.  It was getting close to 3pm when one of the sampan drivers came running over, holding her phone out to me.  Kathy was on the line to let me know, via Maria, that the foster’s car had broken down and they would be there in a minute.  I had to laugh at the line of communication, especially as I don’t even know that particular sampan lady’s number.  The message must have been passed on from another one, a kind of sampan grapevine.

Having handed over the puppies, I went to the Smartone shop in to ask about the wireless phone systems they have.  Since PCCW had told us that it would take six months to get a line at Tai Po, we obviously needed to re-think.  The young guy at Smartone asked me for the address at Tai Po and then informed me that they had no coverage there, sorry.  Bummer.  Now what?  It’s impossible to run HKDR without any phone or internet, but how to get connected – and quickly?  It’s hard to believe that in this modern world where nothing seems beyond the realms of possibility, getting a phone line to Tai Po is.  There must be a way, surely.

Leaving the Smartone shop frustrated, I found myself in Aberdeen with nothing urgent to do, or anywhere that I had to be.  (Actually, had I remembered that the next day was a holiday I would have gone to AFCD to take out yet another schnauzer that has been waiting a long time).  I can’t remember the last time I was in that position, as I’m usually rushing to get to an appointment or late for a meeting, and it’s just a question of doing what I have to do and then moving on.

Aberdeen isn’t exactly the centre of the universe, but I was able to visit some shops to stock up on things I really needed, like reading glasses.  Is there anyone else who has to buy reading glasses by the dozen?  Minky and Sparkle had chewed the ends off the last pair from my previous bulk purchase, so it was perfect timing and also good luck that I found a small stall selling off-the-peg glasses. 

Next stop, an IKEA-type shop that I had never visited before, and I found treasure there too in the form of ice cube trays.  The dogs had chewed all of mine so there was only a small section in the centre of each trays that was complete and could hold water.  Maybe there are a lot of shops that sell ice cube trays, but none that I’ve found (except the awful rubber things in IKEA).

When I left for home I felt as though I had had a holiday, even though everything I had bought had simply been to replace something that had been destroyed by the dogs.  I often wonder,  given the warnings about things like chocolate and grapes and how dangerous they are for dogs, how my lot are still alive.   Over the last few months they have eaten a bottle of aspirin, packets of Heartgard, sachets of Frontline, bottles of various supplements, many pairs of reading glasses, dozens of pens (they love these), kitchen utensils galore including potato peelers and can openers, ice trays and just about everything else that they could reach, even if it meant climbing onto a chair to get it.  And the chairs are chewed too, of course.

I got a message that Slipper had been seen very close to her foster home, and I asked that the door be left open overnight so she could get in. It seems she didn’t take advantage of the invitation as there’s still no good news, but she’s nearly there.    She’s still wearing a collar and the pink leash, although the end of it has gone, presumably chewed through when it got caught on something.  At least we know Slipper is alive and looking OK.  I’m holding my breath.

Puppy Ricky found a home today.


4 Responses to “Thurs 20th May: A personal day”

  1. jennifer Says:

    I remember this nice lady and man at the old PFL kennels on the day of the adoption drive. they had come hoping to adopt lorna, but she had already left with another family. they were so crushed and even though they looked at other dogs, they didnt seem to be as interested at the time…..i’m so glad they decided to consider another dog and have picked lucky ricky!

  2. Sandy Says:

    Oh lovely Ricky,
    I will miss u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy your new life with your parents…..
    Best Wish!Be a good boy!

  3. Grace C Says:

    Hi Sally
    For the internet issue, would you consider using Notebook with 3G USB dongle? As long as there is 3G mobile coverage, your notebook will be able to connect to internet. Of cos, you have to check if your 3G mobile phone with good signal there first. If this is the case, only plug n play will be OK, no need wait 6 mths for installation.

    Hard & Software required:
    – Notedbook
    – 3G USB Dongle with tariff plan

    Please let me know if need further information.


    • Sally Says:

      Thanks Grace, but I don’t think there is 3G coverage which is one of the problems. We’ve got people chasing PCCW for us so hopefully we’ll get something in place soon.

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