Weds 19th May: Another van marathon

It was another van marathon today.  With Catherine once again at the wheel, we left Aberdeen with Puddle and Vinnie, the two red poodles, on board. They are such a delightful pair of lovebugs, and although they’re a different size and age, they’re like twins in every other respect.  Whatever one does, the other has to follow.  If one pees, so does his “brother”.  If one sees something of interest, the other has to have a look too.  With both scrambling for (my) lap space, and pushing their noses under my hand for a massage, it made for a busy ride.

Can you recognise Fizzy, one of the matted schnauzers?

First stop was SPCA in Wanchai where we picked up the three dogs that had been desexed the previous day.  The two schnauzer girls were then put in one crate while the corgi/pom cross went in another, and we comtinued our journey to Sheung Shui and the AFCD New Territories North Animal Management Centre, to pick up a puppy that they had kept for us.

I had been to AFCD Sheung Shui before but it was some time ago.  There are four Animal Management Centres, one in Pokfulam and the other three in Kowloon, Shatin and Sheung Shui.  They are all different, not only in the buildings themselves, but also in the way that they are run.  It depends on the VO (Veterinary Officer) in charge, and while at Pokfulam I’m well known and have built up a good working relationship with the staff , it’s a different matter at Sheung Shui.   I had never met the VO before, and procedures are the opposite to what I’m used to.  Looking at any of the dogs in kennels isn’t permitted, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what is in there.   Since we’re much closer now to both Sheung Shui and Shatin, I hope I’ll be able to visit more frequently and hopefully start to build the same sort of relationship I have with Pokfulam.  

Corgi cross Jazzy is only 18 months old, but I bet she has never had a real puppyhood. I hope she learns how to play and have fun with the others soon

After taking the (very lucky) puppy out, it was on to Tai Po to unload our cargo.  The poodles seem to take everything in their stride and are happy anywhere, while Jazzy the corgi cross was less sure of herself.  My guess from her behaviour is that she had never been out her previous home before, and AFCD, SPCA and now Tai Po must be a big shock to her.

Poor little Elspeth can't open her eyes. Can anyone take her home for a while?

Of the two transformed schnauzer girls, the bigger one, Fizzy, was fine but poor little Elspeth’s eyes are still stuck together and she was totally at sea in her new surroundings.  We urgently need a foster home for her, as she has an eye ulcer and can’t really be around so many dogs, especially as she can’t see.  Contact Maria at if you can offer this tiny, sweet girl a temporary place, or even better, a permanent home.

The heavy rain made the lack of enough shelter at Tai Po very evident.  Up until now the dogs have enjoyed the freedom of sleeping under the stars if they wanted to, and many did just that rather than try to find a bed in the “dormitories” or the various outside houses around the property.  Now with the torrential rain it’s a different story, and I couldn’t leave before erecting some temporary covers on the two outside pens that we have built by the house.  The poor dogs in them were soaked, and it was a relief to know that they have a least a vinyl roof over their heads now.  We’ll be having a proper roof built but everything is having to be done as and when there is time.

Impi, the little pom boy I got from AFCD yesterday, is doing fine and so far seems to love everyone.  I was warned he was a biter, but he’s keeping his teeth well hidden so far.  He’s a very cute and tiny boy, so let’s hope he stays as sweet as he looks.

Cute little Impi, so far so good.

We still need volunteers to help on Friday 28th May during the Wine Walk.  It’s an easy gig with no knowledge of either wine or the HKDR dogs required, but it’s for over-eighteens only and we’ll need forty volunteers, two for each outlet.  Please email if you can help, or just leave a message on this blog.  Thanks!


2 Responses to “Weds 19th May: Another van marathon”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Is it possible to ask the VO at Pokfulam to have a word with the ones in Shatin and Sheung Shui?
    Like put in a good word?

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